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Spokesperson: tricks of the trade[edit]

Name(s) and/or username(s)[edit]

Krzysztof Machocki, User:Halibutt
Wikimedia Polska, spokesman


  • Building partnerships
  • Project management training: communication, organizing events

Type of submission (Please choose one)[edit]

  • Presentation (one-to-many)
  • Lightning talk


I've been a Wikimedian for 13 years, a journalist for 10 and a spokesperson of Wikimedia Polska for the last two. I can't predict what is the attitude of the press towards Wikimedia in your country or what are the typical questions the journalists ask in your language. You can't predict who is going to call you either. However, there are several tricks of the trade that have saved my life a couple of times in the past. During my presentation I will share what tools and tricks work for me and what problems do they solve.

Expected outcomes[edit]

  • shared advice and experiences on working with journalists in your country;
  • basic tools useful in the work of a spokesperson presented and popularised

Duration (without Q&A)[edit]

  • up to 15 minutes

Specific requirements[edit]

Slides or further information[edit]

Interested attendees (Please add yourself, and you may indicate your questions to the presenter).[edit]

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