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Learning materials and resources for Wikipedia Education Program

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Đorđe Stakić. Nebojša Ratković


Đorđe Stakić, Nebojša Ratković


Wikimedia Serbia


Wikipedia Education Program, Community Engagement

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This session will address to all the resources that can be useful for community members in various projects. Wikimedia Serbia has devoted its time to create video tutorials about editing Wikipedia in order to reach out to those who had interest, but felt insecure to edit because they didn’t know the rules. Beside technical instructions, volunteers can benefit by learning soft skills in terms of cooperation with institutions. That’s why we made instructions for Wiki ambassadors. Several Wikipedians created new communication channel - Discord server which proved to be very active and useful for quick questions and answers.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

These ideas can easily be applied in other communities.

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  • Wiki ambassadors: project in which the universities have a designated student representing Wikimedia Serbia, introduces people to wiki projects and ways to get involved
  • Wikipedian in residence: part of GLAM program,
    • Not enough resources for Wiki Ambassadors and Wikipedian in Residence (WIR), which made us create various helpful material:
  • Students (volunteer to make the materials)
  • Wiki ambassadors (share their experience)
  • Wikipedian in Residence (sharing their practical tips)
  • Listening to the community needs
  • Wiktionary (students of computer science translated many articles from English 11 years ago)
  • We made a first "Help page" for the technical terms for translating eleven years ago
  • Discord + Wikipedia
  • platform for official discussions in real-time
  • official Wikimedia Serbia youtube channel with video tutorials how to edit Wikipedia
  • Tutorials with audio/video guidance to teach newbies how to edit Wikipedia
  • brochures about Edu program, as well as GLAM program.
  • Nebojša Ratković WMRS edu program manager
  • Challenges:
    • make the students read them and use them, otherwise they have no sense
    • tutorials on youtube used by students
    • updating materials is a challenge itself, because we need to follow the changes in the work of dashboard, Wikipedia...
    • encourage students to ask if we missed something (they are afraid to ask something they don't know)
  • Results:
    • Dashboard - for wiki ambassadors, follow students' work, useful for the teachers
    • visual editor brings modern look to Wikipedia and makes editing easier
    • Instructions for Wikipedians in residence
    • Instructions for wiki ambassadors
    • Video tutorials about editing Wikipedia - processes of video recording, montage, audio recording... it took a year, second part was 6 months, going to be released in a week.
    • discord - free app, for communicating with the community,
  • Lessons learned:
    • The subjective view is that communication is faster and more efficient between Wikipedia editors, people have come closer to each other using Discord.
    • Creating the manuals gave us more time for other activities,
  • Next steps:
    • Step 1 - Sharing resources with local community
    • Step 2 - Updating materials
    • Step 3 - Creating new resources
    • Step 4 - Making learning patterns for the global community and translation of available resources
  • Conclusion
    • increasing the quality of the content on Wikipedia
    • tools improve accessibility to everyone
    • ideas can be applied in other communities
  • Q: In Estonia we have been agreeing for months that we need it, but what took you that much time?
    • A: in Serbia it took us 10 years, production and montage took the longest time, it needs