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Wikipedia in Education

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  • Lightning talk
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Marios Maioladitis




Wikimedia Community User Group Greece

  • Education
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We present the activities of Wikimedia Community User Group Greece in Education. We present of how we implement Wikipedia in Education program in Greece for the last eight years. We give tips and remarks on how to organise your work in various educational levels.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

Similar implementations happen in various Central and Eastern Europe countries. This talk is mainly an opportunity for discussion and exchange of experiences.

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Status of Wikipedia Education Program in Greece in 2019

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  • Since 2010 has been running.
  • School for adults, secondary schools, universities
  • More than 1207 students mentored. Last count was 540 articles and132 images.
  • Cooperated with a medicine dopartment 176 participants there. Math department 720 partiipants, Master in Translation translations from Italian.
  • Do they have assignment points? We didnt really need to give extra points. Peole are willing to do it as an exercise. Since 2015 do it also in secondary schools, they are adults so they can do expeditions. They do not need permission from their parents.
  • The problem is bureacracy often.
  • There are also online tutorials for educators.
  • What we learned: projects at universities are more successful.
  • All the basic stuff has been covered so it is not easy to inspire secondary school students to start. If you want to have quality articles approach universities. They want to participate, first hey say it is not unreliable but when they start adding they will know that it is reliable. It is hard to do projects in secondary schools. Most teachers complain they do not have enough time, to do things after work. Students are not capable of writing things they do not know.
  • Students are good at writing essays not articles so you should educate them beforehand. But a lot of preparation is needed beforehand. You must have things ready. For students it ti scommon to forget their passwords. Students often think that wp collects more data than is reality. Most students enjoy creating new articles rather than adding to existing ones.
  • Q strategy for translating institution names?
    • A: usually into English already translated but into Greek, chaos it is a chaos. Big discussions.