Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2022/Programme/Submissions/What does it take to build a movement of free knowledge protectors?

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What does it take to build a movement of free knowledge protectors?

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  • Workshop
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Franziska Putz

WMF Advocacy Workshop, Freedom of Panorama slides with notes taken during the discussion



Wikimedia Foundation, Global Advocacy team

  • Advocacy
  • Public policy
  • Community Engagement
  • Peer learning
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  • basic
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Our free knowledge movement is pressured by disinformation, government censorship, and increasing regulation of online platforms that neglect our community-led governance model. To protect Wikimedia’s model and our values, we need to be proactive.

This workshop, led by the Global Advocacy team, will launch a conversation for participants to explore the policy topics they most care about, the skills they wish to develop, and ideas about what kind of support from the Foundation could help foster those skills. Participants will also have had the opportunity to learn more about the evolving Global Advocacy team and will build connections with other Wikimedians interested in public policy.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

This workshop is an exercise in co-creation. The CEE community can work directly with Foundation staff to lay the groundwork for closer coordination and resource-sharing around advocacy efforts. In particular, this session will start a conversation around what capacity building or peer-learning programs the Foundation could develop in order to support the CEE community’s ability to advocate for free knowledge in their region. By the end, we will have identified overlap between the policy priorities of various folks as well as a prioritized list of potential programs to develop in order to support capacity building.

The ultimate benefit: working together to protect free knowledge. Wikimedians take a stance everytime they contribute to a project - a stance for free knowledge and against laws, policies, and actions that threaten the right to access and participate in knowledge. Advocacy is baked into the free knowledge movement, but as a movement we need to organize our advocacy efforts and work together.

Special requirements

TBD. Perhaps a flip-chart and sticky notes.

Slides or further information

File:WMF Advocacy Workshop, Freedom of Panorama, by Franziska Putz.pdf

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