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  • Discussion
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Alex Stinson, Wikimedia Foundation


User:Astinson (WMF)


Wikimedia Foundation

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  • Basic capacity development
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Some of the most impactful Wikimedia organizing is contests and campaigns. These range from small weekly challenges where a dozen people participate to improve content on local wikis, to massive photography and writing campaigns that engage hundreds or thousands of participants. We will facilitate a conversation about what kinds of lessons we can learn from campaigns in the CEE region, and identify questions, concerns or needs of organizers who would like to run these campaigns or want to improve these campaigns. Session outcomes will be used to improve design of training for campaign organizers and identify organizers interested in support.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

CEE is one of the most active communities in the movement for running local writing contests and campaigns, as well as bringing energy and focus to international campaigns such as CEE Spring and Wiki Loves Earth. Learning from and dialogue about the needs of campaign organizers in the region is an important for developing a more international practice on campaigns. Moreover, by talkin about the experience of communities in the CEE region, we can identify the greatest challenges for language communities in the region.

Do you plan to pre-record a video with a presentation?

No, I plan to do a brief presentation and facilitated conversation.

Special requirements

It would be great to have a notetaker in the session, to help with capturing ideas.

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