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Wikimedia CEE Spring 2015/Timeframe

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A fragment from picture of Savrasov (A Spring Day), cropped and transformed to a WMCEE Spring header
A fragment from picture of Savrasov (A Spring Day), cropped and transformed to a WMCEE Spring header


Preparations Writing period Final event, evaluation


Due date Task
1st of March 2015 Consulted with local community and local interest in the participation verified. Local coordinator contact added to the contacts page
15th of March 2015 Possible local partners contacted and local partnerships established for promotion of the contest or for acquiring prizes or appointing jury members
15th of March 2015 Available article lists about your country consulted, community discussion conducted and relevant article lists added to the structure page
20th of March 2015 Project page on local wiki created with the information translated to your language and local project page added to the local pages list
20th of March 2015 If not done before, local promotion campaign of the event kicked off (CentralNotice, Facebook, promotional materials etc)
20th of March 2015 Local help desk established, tutorials and other supporting materials made available
20th of March 2015 Local judging criteria for articles set
31st of March 2015 Local events (workshops, edit-a-thons) planned and announced on the project page
20th of April All the members of jury appointed and announced on the project page

Writing period[edit]

Due date Task
21st of March 2015 Official start of the competition
31st of May 2015 All planned local events to support contributions carried out
31st of May 2015 Final day of the competition

Suggested coordinated schedule[edit]

Country Local Page Dates
Albania Albania 21 March - 27 March
Armenia Armenia 21 March - 27 March
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 28 March - April 3
Belarus Belarus (be, be-x-old) 28 March - April 3
Bulgaria Bulgaria April 4 - April 10
Czech Republic Czech Republic April 4 - April 10
Estonia Estonia April 11 - April 17
Georgia Georgia April 11 - April 17
Greece and Cyprus no local contest April 18 - April 24
Hungary Hungary April 18 - April 24
Latvia Latvia April 25 - May 1
Macedonia Macedonia April 25 - May 1
Poland Poland May 2 - May 8
Romania no local contest May 2 - May 8
Russia Russia May 9 - May 15
Serbia Serbia May 16 - May 22
Slovenia Slovenia May 16 - May 22
Turkey Turkey May 23 - May 31
Ukraine Ukraine May 23 - May 31

Final event, evaluation[edit]

Due date Task
1st of May Location and date of the local prize ceremony confirmed and announced
1st of May Location and dates of the international WikiCamp confirmed and announced
7th of June First round of local jury evaluations done
14th of June Local winners confirmed by jury
15th of June Contact with possible participant on the international event established (visa process started)
30th of June Local prize ceremony has taken place and winners have been announced
30th of June Preliminary statistics about the competition collected and announced
31st of July International WikiCamp carried out
31st of August Final statistics about the competition announced, concluding blog posts and relevant pages published