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Project goals and impact[edit]

The goals and metrics have been adjusted to reflect last year's results - while international participation outside of CEE is still something worth expanding, there is also potential in being more inclusive with small and minority languages in the CEE region. The methods used to achieve these goals are also mentioned in the "project idea" chapter.



These goals have been set based on expectations based on quantitative data analysis from the international organising team and last year's results and will be used as a measure of success.

  • Total number of participants from CEE: 450
  • Total number of participants worldwide: 550
  • Total number of female participants from CEE: 20% (90)
  • Total number of female participants worldwide: 20% (110)
  • 35% of all newly created and significantly edited biographies are about women
  • At least 100 new articles on topics of every CEE community participating - achieved by adding international prizes for every editor who manages to write articles on all CEE communities


These goals have been set based on qualitative estimations by the international organising team.

  • 10% of the participants in all countries are new users
  • At least 3 new editors in every language version of Wikipedia with less than 70 regular editors


  • Closing the content gender gap (correlates with the quantitative goal about biographies about women)
  • Adding more content on minority groups in the CEE region and expanding the list of topics in order to diversify the content created
  • Further development of the regional partnership Wikimedia Central and Eastern Europe