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Wikimedia CH/Archives Week 2019

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International Archives Week 2019



This year's International Archives Week will take place under the motto

"Designing the Archives in the 21st Century".

The International Archives Week will take place from

June 3 to June 9, 2019.

We invite you to help us completing and improving the presence of Swiss Archives on

Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.

Thank you for participating!

This campaign is a joint initiative of Wikimedia Switzerland

and the Association of Swiss Archivists.

Designing the Archives in the 21st Century

International Archives Week 2019 will focus on how to implement new models for archives to serve the citizens, customers, stakeholders and communities. What does this mean exactly?

  • The profession of the single actors in the landscape of archives, such as data and information managers, records managers and archivists is changing. In this changing environment, Archives need to develop approaches and opportunities for human-centred design to ensure brining benefits to citizens, customers, stakeholders and communities.

  • This cross cuts, not only geographical boundaries, but sectors and industries. Therefore, this week serves as a platform to discuss new concepts together with with archivists representing all sectors and industries from architecture to fashion, engineering to environmental management, public-sector and private-sector.

  • Moreover, this week serves as platform for the public. From paper to digital, how are you designing your archives for the 21st century? Challenging what people think archives should do and how to transform! Help tell the world what archives in the 21st Century are about!

Share your vision of archives and your profession. You can post your own article if you want. Write an article on the ICA Blog and share your vision of "Designing the Archives in the 21st Century".

Geographic Archives Map linked to Wikimedia Content

The following geographic map locates Swiss Archives, based on Wikidata records. The Association of Swiss Archivists donated the mata data on Swiss Archives to Wikimedia, to be uploaded into Wikidata.

If you want to know which Swiss archives already have a Wikipedia article and which do not, as well as the respective quality of the article, you can find out by using the link to the interactive map below. If you are a Wikidata specialist, help us to inject additional meta data into Wikidata to complete the information base for Swiss Archives.

Have fun exploring!

Geographic Map of Swiss Archives

How to read the geographic map:
  • Black symbols: no Wikipedia article
  • Red symbols: one Wikipedia article
  • Orange symbols: at least two Wikipedia articles
  • Green symbols: four Wikipedia articles

Participate & make a Difference

For Wikipedia contributors and anyone who wants to contribute to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects

Every contribution counts: improving or completing an existing article, creating a completely new one, or uploading images to Wikimedia Commons. You want to contribute to Wikipedia or to Wikimedia Commons, but you do not know how? In this case we invite you to one of our editing workshops. Write us an email:

  • ulrich.lantermann(_AT_)wikimedia.ch (German-speaking Switzerland)
  • flor.mechain(_AT_)wikimedia.ch (French-speaking Switzerland)
  • ilario.valdelli(_AT_)wikimedia.ch (Italian-speaking Switzerland)

For Archives and cultural organizations

If the cultural organization you work for is interested in working on its presence on Wikipedia or, as a professional, you would like to learn more about Wikimedia Association and our projects in collaboration with cultural institutions, please contact us

  • debora.lopomo(_AT_)wikimedia.ch / Partnership and Program Manager for Cultural Institutions on a national level


If you like to write about the International Archives Week or Wikmedia Associaction and / or have questions, then contact our Communication Manager, Mr. Andy Treichler at:

  • atreichler(_AT_)wikimedia.ch.