Wikimedia CH/Micro Grant/Transport Genève à Paris pour la WikiConvention Francophone

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Please provide the following information for your micro-grant request:

Your Username: AfricanadeCuba

Your Country of residence: Suisse


Amount requested: 120.- CHF

CHF 120.-

Planned activity:

Voyage à Paris pour participer à la convention Wikiconvention francophone.

Travel to Paris to attend the French Wikiconvention

People involved
(e.g. How many people can benefit from the micro grant you request):

Moi même. Frais de transport Genève- Paris et transport interurbain.

Myself. Costs of transport Geneva - Paris and urban transport.

Please explain what influence your activity will have on Wikimedia Projects
(e.g. quantitative: number of new pictures uploaded to commons, no of new articles created / qualitative: strengthen the community of german-speaking wikipedia authors etc,):

Mon activité consistera à:

  • Participer à la wiki convention francophone en tant que coordinatrice du projet Noircir Wikipedia
  • Me permettre d'y participer aux réunions, cours et des réunions de mises en places pour les nouvelles stratégies du mouvement

My activity will consist in:

  • Participate in the French-speaking wiki convention as the coordinator of the Noircir Wikipedia
  • Allow me to participate in meetings, courses and implementation meetings for the new strategies of the movement

Please provide links to your contributions after your project or activity ended:
Please provide the links to the categories on Wikimedia Commons, to the articles on Wikipedia or any other contributions on Wikimedia projects:
Les liens vers mon activité seront directement accessibles sur la page du projet Noircir Wikipédia:

Links to my activity are directly accessible in the reports of the "Noircir Wikipédia project page":

Important: AFTER having submitted your request, please write an eMail to with your contact details (at least: Name, Surname, Email address)


This section needs to be filled out by the Microgrants-Committee


  • Support Support Sur le principe je ne suis pas favorable : le système des bourses existe pour financer la participation à la Wikiconvention, participation qui ne bénéficie à la communauté que très indirectement. Toutefois, vu le montant demandé, le fait que la demandeuse s'est débrouillée pour l'hébergement et que nous n'avons accordé aucun microgrant cette année (aucune demande), je vote en faveur à titre d'exeption. --Omnilaika02 (talk) 17:05, 21 October 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  • anche per me va bene cassinam (talk) 09:59, 22 October 2022 (UTC)[reply]
  • Basically I am against because it's a scholarship having a dedicated budget for that. Considering it as a form of support to another association, it can be acceptable but not recommended. --Ilario (talk) 09:15, 31 October 2022 (UTC)[reply]