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Micro-Grants of Wikimedia CH

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Micro-Grants are a means for members of the Wikimedia community to ask Wikimedia CH for a financial support - from 1 up to 1'000 CHF - for their micro-projects or activity, that has an impact on Wikimedia projects.

If you would like to apply for such a micro-grant, please enter your request in the list below and provide enough background information so that the committee can take a decision. Please send an e-mail right after you send the application to your community liaison (e-mails in the Frequently Asked Questions section).

If you have any question, please consider the FAQ section or leave a comment on the discussion page.

Submit your micro-grants-request[edit]

Please provide a title to your micro-grant application and click the button "Request" to create your proposal. Please note that you can submit your request in one of the following 5 languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh or English.

Information on the micro-grants process[edit]

  • Micro-grants Planning:
Please carefully plan your micro-grants-submission. First make sure you're eligible to submit a request. This will be the case if you are currently active in a Wikimedia project in one of the Swiss languages (German, French, Italian or Romansh). Before submitting your request think about the strategic goal you want to achieve and the resources (financial and non-financial resources (e.g. time, support of other volunteers etc.)) you will need in order to reach your goal.
  • Micro-grants Submission:
To submit your micro-grant request, you can simply fill in the title of your request in the input field above. A template will automatically be created, where you can detail all the details of your request.
  • Micro-grants Implementation:
Make sure your project is feasible and measurable. You can always get back to your respective Community and/or Community Liaison who will be glad to support you during this important phase.
  • Micro-grants Reporting:
After having implemented your activity, it's very important for Wikimedia CH to get your feedback and learn from your experience. That's why we ask you to shortly document the activities you've conducted and the impact you have generated by measuring and evaluating the project's success. Once your project is completed, please input all the relevant information (feedback, links to articles, categories on commons for ie) on your request form in the section "people involved" and "influence on Wikimedia projects".

List of submitted requests[edit]

Members of the micro-grant committee[edit]

The micro-grant committee is composed of the following members of Wikimedia CH, each representing a specific language community and Wikimedia stakeholder:

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

  • Am I eligible to request a micro-grant?
You are eligible if you're currently active in a Wikimedia project in one of the Swiss languages (German, French, Italian or Romansh).
If you are based in a country with a chapter or usergroup which is a WikiFranca member, thanks for not submitting a Micro-Grant request to Wikimedia CH, but to get directly in contact with WikiFranca's Micro-financement (for now managed by Wikimedia France).
  • How can I apply for a micro-grant?
Just fill in the title of your request in the input field above. A new page will automatically be created for you where you can put in further details (you will just need to answer the questions on the page) and send an e-mail to info(_AT_) to trace your request too.
  • What are the criteria’s for a successful micro-grant application?
Successful applications will detail how the intended project will increase the quantity, quality, diversity, and reach of free knowledge and/or how it will strengthen or increase the community. Projects related to Switzerland are much more appreciated. The committee will review the direct and indirect impact on all Wikimedia projects.
  • Whom can I contact if I need help with my application?
You can contact your community liaison respective your preferred language:
  • How long does it take for my application to be reviewed?
It takes up to 2 weeks to review your application and provide you a feedback. We thank you in advance for your patience.
Our advice is to anticipate and take enough time to apply in advance if you are dealing with a time sensitive project.
  • How does a typical micro-grant request look like?
Well, there is not really "the one" typical request. However, we're happy to give an example of how a micro-grant request looked like in the past: Example
  • Do I have to fill out a report after completion of the project?
Yes, we are asking for a short report, which gives insights about the impact on Wikimedia projects. You can put your report directly on your request form in the section "people involved" and "influence on Wikimedia projects".