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Wikimedia CH/Micro Grant/Plug Kiwix pour FOSDEM et Wikimedia Belgium

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This is a request to obtain a Wikimedia CH Micro-Grant.

Please provide the following information for your micro-grant request:

Your Username:

Lionel Scheepmans Wiki ou eMail

Your Country of residence:


Amount requested:

More or less 500 €

Planned activity:

The plug Kiwix will be especially welcome during the FSDEM 2015 where Wikimedia Belgium will manage the stand. A plug Kiwix will be a perfect tool to demonstrate than Wikipedia is not only an online encyclopedia but also a encyclopedia accessible just on a computer or on a local network. The plug can be also useful in the context of ambassador project in Cape Verde where Internet connexion have bad reputation.

People involved
(e.g. How many people can benefit from the micro grant you request):

I'm official member of Wikimedia Belgium and the plug will stay on it and be available for all members for use and demonstration.

Please explain what influence your activity will have on Wikimedia Projects
(e.g. quantitative: number of new pictures uploaded to commons, no of new articles created / qualitative: strengthen the community of german-speaking wikipedia authors etc,):

The plug can make Wikipedia stand more successful during the FOSDEM 2015. The plug can be useful during next activity and demonstration of Wikimedia Belgium. The plug can be useful for the ambassador experience in Cape Verde, especially in school where Internet connexion have very bad reputation.

Important: After having submitted your request, please write an eMail to info@wikimedia.ch with your contact details (at least: Name, Surname, Email address)

This section needs to be filled out by the Microgrants-Committee



Result: The Micro-grant committee approved this request. --Muriel Staub (WMCH) (talk) 07:47, 16 February 2015 (UTC)[reply]