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Wikimedia CH/Micro-Grant

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Micro-Grants of Wikimedia CH

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Micro-Grants are intended for the Wikimedia Community to ask Wikimedia CH for financial support for a project or an activity, up to 1’000 CHF, that has an impact on Wikimedia projects and is in line with the Wikimedia CH Strategy.

If you are seeking a financial support to cover costs to attend a Wikimedia event, please have a look at the Scholarship guidelines page. If you are based in a country with a chapter or user group which is a WikiFranca member, please get directly in contact with WikiFranca’s Micro-financement page.

To apply for a Micro-Grant from Wikimedia CH, please enter your request in the box below and provide enough background information so that the Committee can take a decision. Please send a notification email to: info@wikimedia.ch.

Submit your Micro-Grant request[edit]

Please provide a title for your Micro-Grant application and click the button “Request” to create your proposal. Please note that you can submit your request in one of the following 5 languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh or English. Concerning data protection please consult our data policy.

Before you submit your request, please consider the information below.


Our goal here is to give you some tips to help you taking sustainability aspects into account when planning and organising your Micro-Grant related activities.

  • Travel: when your Micro-Grant request involves travel, please take public transportation (= maritime, land or road transportation for groups). If a plane travel is needed, please explain why travelling by plane is your preferred option.
  • Food: when your Micro-Grant involves a lunch and/or a coffee-break, please consider buying or ordering local and seasonal food. Avoid single-use plastic (dishes, container, etc.). A good organisation, for example asking participants to subscribe before the event, reduces food waste.
  • Goodies: First, try to avoid giveaways for your event. If it is necessary to give away goodies or gadgets, prefer something useful / meaningful and avoid plastic mass-produced products.
  • Promotion: Plan to promote your event or your project page in advance, through e-mail and/or social media, and avoid printing too many sole use flyers.

Information on the Micro-Grant process[edit]

Eligibility for Micro-Grant:

You are eligible to submit a Micro-Grant request if:

  • you are currently active in a Wikimedia project in one of the Swiss languages (German, French, Italian or Romansh) or
  • if your project (the one for which you are requesting a microgrant) is linked to content related to Switzerland, on any Wikimedia project or
  • if you live in Switzerland and contribute to any Wikimedia Project.

Micro-Grant planning:

Please carefully plan your Micro-Grant submission. Before submitting your request think about the strategic goals you would like to achieve and the resources (financial and non-financial e.g. time, support, volunteers, etc.) you will need. Please mention all other financial requests you made and to which body/entity. Double funding is not allowed and will entail the cancellation of any funding from Wikimedia CH if known.

Make sure your project is feasible and measurable concerning its impact. You can always get back to your respective Community liaison, who will be glad to support you in that regard. Please consider the Wikimedia Respectful behaviour space policy as well as the Universal Code of Conduct.

Micro-Grant submission:

To submit your Micro-Grant request, please fill in the title of your request in the input field above. A template will automatically be created, where you can enter all the details of your request. Please note that you can submit your request in one of the following 5 languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh or English.

If you need help for your application, you can contact your community liaison depending on your preferred language:

Micro-Grant review:

A Committee will review your application. It usually takes up to 2 weeks to review your application. Our advice is to anticipate and take enough time to apply in advance if you are dealing with a time- sensitive project in order to allow for a timely processing of your application.

Good applications should detail how the intended project will increase the quantity, quality, diversity, and reach of free knowledge and/or how it will strengthen or increase the community. Projects related to Switzerland and those that value and promote sustainability are much appreciated. Please consider the Wikimedia CH Strategy. The Committee will review the direct and indirect impact on the Wikimedia projects.

The Micro-Grant Committee is composed of the following members of Wikimedia CH and Wikimedia stakeholders:

  • Ilario Valdelli, Italian-speaking staff member of Wikimedia CH
  • Iana Gallus, German-speaking member
  • Mauro Cassina, Italian-speaking Board member of Wikimedia CH
  • Omnilaika02, French-speaking member
  • Ulrich Lantermann, German-speaking staff member of Wikimedia CH

Micro-Grant reporting:

After having realised your project or implemented your activity, it is important for Wikimedia CH to get your feedback and learn from your experience. We therefore kindly ask you to shortly document the activity/project you conducted and the impact you have generated by measuring and evaluating the project’s outcome. Please put all the relevant information (feedback, links, etc.) in the sections “People involved” and “Influence on Wikimedia projects”. A report template is in preparation and will be uploaded here one available.

Please insert your report directly into the sections “People involved” and “Influence on Wikimedia projects”.

List of submitted requests[edit]