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Wikimedia CH/Micro Grant/Book scan ZH

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Please provide the following information for your micro-grant request:

Your Username:Balabinrm

Your Country of residence: Switzerland

Amount requested: 500 CHF

Planned activity: Scanning of books from Zurich library (ZB) - 4100 pages

People involved
(e.g. How many people can benefit from the micro grant you request): Wikimedia Commons users; I am an autopatrolled user of Wikimedia Commons, have already uploaded 42000+ files.

Please explain what influence your activity will have on Wikimedia Projects
(e.g. quantitative: number of new pictures uploaded to commons, no of new articles created / qualitative: strengthen the community of german-speaking wikipedia authors etc,): It will allow me to upload app. 13-14 PD books (4100 pages) published before 1923 in German, French, Italian or English to Wikimedia Commons. The grant could cover my travel expences to/from ZH (6.70 CHF per 24h-card) and time of scanning at the professional book scaner in the library. I got a medal from Russian wiki-Library for the help with article sources (scanned 10+ books).

Possible candidates for scanning (any suggestions are welcome):

  • Alt-Winterthur: Geschichts - und Kulturbilder : mit Plänen, Ansichten u. Bildnissen - Kaspar Hauser, 1845-1920 ; Historisch-Antiquarischer Verein (Winterthur) - Winterthur : Vogel 1921
  • Geschichte des Sängervereins Harmonie Zürich, 1841-1921 : Jubiläumsgabe zur Feier des achtzigjährigen Bestandes, 12. Februar 1921 - Hermann Schollenberger ; Sängerverein Harmonie Zürich - Zürich : Buchdruckerei J. Rüegg 1921
  • Dietikon in Wort und Bild - Verkehrs- und Verschönerungsverein Dietikon - Dietikon : Verkehrs- und Verschönerungsverein 1921
  • Zürcher Brunnen - Paul Meintel - Zürich : Verlag Grethlein & Co. [1921]
  • Le temps vienra : drame en trois actes - Romain Rolland, 1866-1944 - Paris : Ollendorff [1920]
  • De Zimmerwald au Bolchevisme, ou, Le triomphe du marxisme pangermaniste : essai sur les menées internationalistes pendant la guerre, 1914-1920 - Jean Maxe - Paris : Editions Bossard 1920
  • Switzerland : a little guide through the most beautiful parts of Switzerland - Hermann Behrmann ; Verband Schweizerischer Verkehrsvereine - Zurich : Union of Swiss Inquiry Offices 1910
  • etc.

Please provide links to your contributions after your project or activity ended:
Please provide the links to the categories on Wikimedia Commons, to the articles on Wikipedia or any other contributions on Wikimedia projects:

Important: AFTER having submitted your request, please write an eMail to info@wikimedia.ch with your contact details (at least: Name, Surname, Email address)



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