Wikimedia CH/Micro Grant/(Recurrent) Presses écrite d'Afrique - Cameroun

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Please provide the following information for your micro-grant request:

Your Username: René Bile

Your Country of residence: Cameroon

Amount requested: 1'000 CHF

Date (and duration) of the submission to the Grant request : 14 June 2021
(2 years ago)

Details below :

Désignation En CHF
3 Months Souscription; Jeune Afrique Business; La Voix du Paysan; CameroonCEO; Financial Afrik ... 830
3 months of Internet Data 170
Total 1'000 CHF

Planned activity:

  • Contributions on fr.Wikipédia, Wikidata & Wikimedia Commons on articles from Cameroon & Africa with sources from paid press of Cameroon (50 online titles). I am asking for the support of WMCH to acquire a 3 months subscription on online press in Cameroon (see and Data bundle subscription.
  • Weekly meetings for follow up progression of the project.

People involved
(e.g. How many people can benefit from the micro grant you request):

  • René Bile and 2 to max 4 other contributors between Score Beethoven, Yasminkaa, Adoscam who will have direct access to the online press.
  • The list of paid press included in the subscription + the usernames of the contributors with direct access to these press will be listed in the fr:wp:Accès aux sources de presse payantes as ressource-people. The press subscriptors accept to be contacted by other contributors to get press references from these online newspapers and therefore source theirs wikipedian contributions.
  • All the contributors and readers of the improved articles will benefit from the improvement and there will be better sources in the African/Cameroonian French articles on fr.Wikipedia
  • All the users of Wikiproject (Wikidata, …) entries improved by us + the ones who will ask for access to a paid Cameroon press.
  • All the users of Wikiproject in Cameroon ask for access to a internet connection.

Please explain what influence your activity will have on Wikimedia Projects
(e.g. quantitative: number of new pictures uploaded to commons, no of new articles created / qualitative: strengthen the community of german-speaking wikipedia authors etc,):

  1. We will improve the quality of 100 articles in 3 months within the Portal Cameroon.
  2. We will source 100 fr.wikipédia articles in 3 months within the Portal Cameroon.
  3. We will create 25 articles on fr.wikipédia, within the Portal Cameroon, during 3 months of the paid press subscription.
  4. We will improve the article fr:Presse francophone en Afrique. Updating and filling as much as possible the cells referring to each press title and linking some of the press title to the fr:wp:Observatoire des sources.
  5. This project is a model starting with Cameroon and his implementation, dashboard and archives will be a "blue print" model to increase a better utilisation of sources from other African countries.

Please provide links to your contributions after your project or activity ended:

  • I will create a dashboard to track the achievements accomplished with the Grant.

Please provide the links to the categories on Wikimedia Commons, to the articles on Wikipedia or any other contributions on Wikimedia projects:

  • I am an 4 years contributor to Wikipedia, lead of extension of Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group based in Maroua and trainer on wikimedia projects, and the grant will impact positively those contributions with qualitative sources. I have created 20+ new articles on Wiki since 2017. Including categories and navigation pallets. [1] is my wikiscan with my past and currents contributions.
  • I participate in the fr:projet:Noircir Wikipédia and this grant will help to reduce the gap on articles from Africa, refresh and set a model of integration of sources from African press; which is currently badly missing.

Important: AFTER having submitted your request, please write an eMail to with your contact details (at least: Name, Surname, Email address)


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cassinam 11:00 2021.08.04


Grant request accepted.