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General conditions[edit]

Scholarships are to be used for attending WikiCons (in all Swiss languages), and events organized by the WMF or by WMCH and addressed to the community (I.e. Wikimania, Wikidata and Wikimedia Hackathons, WikiCite events, WMCH General Assembly, or local meetups).

Scholarships for travel, accommodation, and registration fees are available for events organized more than 50 kilometers away from the candidate’s usual home; for candidates living closer, the scholarship only covers the registration fee.

Terms and conditions[edit]

The following terms and conditions are to be met:

  • Scholarships will not be granted for participants to events that have a maximum number of participants by chapter/usergroup, or for conferences addressed to non-Wikipedians, nor for events covered for under WMCH’s Education or GLAM programs.
  • Scholarships covering accommodation include accommodation during the time of the event

Conditions of eligibility[edit]

Candidates can apply for a scholarship if:

  • They are an active user in one of the Wikimedia projects (active means a minimum of 5 edits or modifications per months in the past year, or 5 edits by month in the past 3 months since the creation of the account for people whose account is less than one year old).
  • They are a native speaker in one of the Swiss languages or live in Switzerland
  • They have a B2 level in at least one of the languages of the event.
  • They apply to the scholarship as early as possible and at least two weeks before the event is being held (exceptions can be made if they have an active role in the event).

Process description[edit]

Empty WMCH expense report

Once the application has been accepted, the recipient will receive the written promise (email) that WMCH will reimburse their costs after they have filled out WMCH's expense report (see right) and submitted their invoices and receipts (scan with expense report, originals by post to respective WMCH Community Liaison).

For recipients that cannot afford to disburse the money beforehand, please get in touch with WMCH to find a solution.

Once the event is over, if the recipient has not given a presentation or been part of the organizing team, they will have to submit a written report concerning their activities at the event in order to help WMCH report on the precise metrics and evaluate the impact related to the scholarship. This report may be published and linked to WMCH’s reporting.

Partial scholarships[edit]

WMCH can also grant partial scholarships if the conditions of eligibility are filled and if the budget allows for it.