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  • Preparation of Wikimania


  1. Welcome
  2. Reports from action groups
    1. Research
    2. Peer review
    3. Voice
  3. Wikimania
    1. Pre-conference (wm2013:Wikimedia Chapters Association - Organisations Seminar)
    2. Chapters Village (wm2013:Chapters Village)
  4. Outreach
    1. New organisations
  5. Closing

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On the telecon
  1. WMEE --Oop (talk) 19:00, 24 July 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  2. WM IT - Laurentius (talk) 20:52, 24 July 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  3. WMAT Manuel Schneider
  4. WM US-NYC Pharos
On Etherpad
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  2. WM IT - Laurentius (talk) 20:52, 24 July 2013 (UTC)[reply]
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  4. WMAT Manuel Schneider
  5. WM US-NYC Pharos



Reports from action groups[edit]


Ziko: Michał put up a questionnaire. Status is a bit unclear. WMNL filled in the form.
Markus: WMDE is in process of filling it in
Manuel: it's quite some work, so WMAT is not done yet
Richard: yes, it's a bit of work, so it will take us longer as well
Manuel: future surveys will become easier, as one just has to adjust / add the current info
Manuel: we really should do this every year on a fixed schedules
Ziko: Chapters Manual will be handed over to Action team "Voice"
Markus: Chapters Manual is a long term project. We might raise volunteers to get involved in skimming the mailing lists for relevant input
Manuel: agree - Chapter's Manual is long-term
Charles agrees

Peer review[edit]

Markus: Fae is no longer CM. Who can take over peer review? Especially with respect to Wikimania and the workshop he proposed
Markus: can take on the moderation task, but we need experts. We could do this a s a kind of panel
Manuel: Fæ himself suggested that people from WMEE and WMAT could do this
Richard: the substitute member from NYC worked with Fae a bit on the Peer Review proposal: User:Bluerasberry
Manuel: (any chapter who has been reviewed so far)
Manuel will ask Claudia
Manuel asks for a link to this review session
Charles: if FAe is not coming in HK, he can replace him for the WK


Ziko: Chapters Manual is part of Voice, also Glossary and the Journal.
Markus: Journal is a success. Ziko does great advertising. Please go on to do so
Manuel agrees



Ziko: Organisation Seminar (WCAWOS). Wednesday is on a good way. Thursday is still open
Markus: Name the programmes, put in Journal, Glossary and such in the agenda. Then I can advertise this on the mailing lists

Chapters Village[edit]

Markus: Do you have ideas of what you want to talk about? Sessions?
Ziko: Preparing a slide show for WMNL. We might do something similar
Charles: for the chapter's village already indicated he will be present

Agenda for Council Meeting[edit]

Markus: Nothing special to organize, as we do not have any internal matters. We will focus on our programmes in HongKong. Thematic work is done on Wednesday and Thursday, but outside the meeting.
Ziko: What about the name?
Manuel, Charles, Pharos: we should collect suggestions until HongKong and vote there
Manuel: agree - finding name should be done beforehand
Manuel: we could only do a vote on already selected finalists
Richard: finalists vote is good
Charles: ok, let's try to get names before HK
Manuel: sounds good
Charles: we will see if people are more interested to propose name than bashing the Visual Editor ;)
Markus: Will call for suggestions. Shall I use wikimedia-l
Charles: yes Wikimedia-l
Pharos: yes, might be a good idea
Charles: and each of us forward to local mailing list
Richard: we can do it like the logo contests
Richard: we could have a vote among the top ten or so that the community likes
Markus: Please keep in mind we have only one and an half week until Wikimania. This is too short for a long voting period. We might collect suggestions, though, and present them for voting in the meeting.


Ziko proposes we should have another handout
Manuel agrees
Markus: Shall we take the one of Wikimedia Conference and add Chapters Manual?
Ziko: yes, and also the program items where WCA CMs are involved


New Organisations[edit]

Markus: Shall we actively approach new organisations, and who?
Ziko: That's something for Voice
Markus: We need to get a process going that links from AffCom recognition to support by WCA

EU Parliament project[edit]

Markus: Olaf proposed a project that could be endorsed by the WCA: he want's to go to the European Parliament, take pictures of the MEPs and improve their articles. Besides the fact that this adds content to Wikipedia, it also raises MEPs awareness for Wikipedia, free licenses and free knowledge. What do you think?
Richard: sounds good to me
Manuel: I am unsure, it is a content-project, while WCA is more a "meta" organisation
Markus: Yes, I agree. But we can see it as distributing organisational knowledge. In getting a few chapters together to work on this project, they will get the knowledge of how to do such projects in their countries.
Manuel is semi-convinced
Laurentius: yes, it's "meta", but it's also international. It's the only (generic) international organization we have
Richard: I think it would be good if WCA helped develop a few content projects
Richard: things like WLM perhaps
Laurentius: and I think that having international projects under the name of the WCA is good


Markus: disabled moderation on wca-announce-l. We can use this for organisational issues at least until Wikimania. You all can answer to the list. It's open, public and archived. Manuel, is it archived?
Manuel: yes, it is:


Meeting closes @2100UTC