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Wikimedia Chapters Association/Resolutions/Location

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The WCA resolves to authorize Wikimedia CH to establish the registration of the legal seat of the Association in Geneva.[1] The WCA further resolves to establish by annual election a rotating Presidency[2] among the member Chapters,[3] as a means of promoting competitive cross-fertilization and decentralized movement growth across the regions of the world.

Vote by Council Members


Conditions of voting

Voting will close on 31 October or earlier if the necessary majority is achieved.
A majority vote applies in accordance with the WCA charter.
As of 17 October there are 21 Members, so a majority of 11 applies.
Council Members may change their vote at any time until voting closes.
All Council Members will be invited by direct email to vote on this resolution on 17 October 2012.


  • --Manuel Schneider(bla) (+/-) 17:05, 4 November 2012 (UTC) (WMAT) as expressed earlier[reply]
    While WMAT is officially in favour of Geneva as a global-international city (vs. Brussels as a EU-international city) I like to add that this action now should unlock some of the problems we are facing now, moving forward with searching / hiring a SG etc. Should we have a SG and she/he finds that another place would be more appropriate I see no problem to register elsewhere and move the official seat there. Registering in Geneva now doesn't take us away anything, it's not live-long binding.






  1. The fixed legal seat is distinguished from the rotating location of the Presidency.
  2. The chief centre of operations for the year, to be hosted in the offices of the elected member Chapter.
  3. Elected from among competing annual plan bids by the several member Chapters,