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The Wikimedia Chapters Association (WCA) currently has 25 member chapters including 20 that joined in Washington, July 2012 and five (Wikimedia Ukraine, Wikimedia Bangladesh, Wikimedia India, Wikimedia Serbia and Wikimedia Macedonia) that have joined since. Of the 14 remaining chapters, three have indicated their support for the Berlin Agreement and six have signed either Part 1 or Part 2 of the Berlin Agreement.

Only a Wikimedia chapter can join the WCA, which means that the organization must have been recognised by the Wikimedia Foundation. Membership is free.

The WCA welcomes and encourages other chapters to join, not only those who signed the Berlin Agreement. If a chapter wants to join, the board of the chapter must:

  • Declare that your chapter, and the appointed Council Member, respect the WCA Charter.
  • Appoint a Council Member. The term is two years, but a chapter can replace the Council Member by a new appointment. (The Council Member cannot be 'withdrawn' but only replaced.)

For the sake of certainty, please send a paper letter to the Chair of the Council (or a PDF to the Chair and the Deputy Chair), signed by two board members. In it, you declare that your chapter wishes to join and appoint a Council Member. The letter or PDF must contain the real name and the address of the appointed person.

This Meta page will be updated by the WCA Council Chair or the Deputy. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE BY YOURSELF, to avoid any confusion.

As of April 20th, 2013, the WCA has 25 member chapters.

Other Wikimedia chapters:


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