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Wikimedia Norge
LocationIcons-flag-no.png Norway
Country codeNO
Founding date23 June 2007
Main officeOslo
Official language(s)Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk) and Northern Sami
Board chairSigrun Espe
Key peopleAstrid Carlsen (Executive Director)
E-mail addresswikimedia(_AT_)
YouTubeWikimedia Norge
Mailing addressSchweigaards gate 34 C
NO-0191 Oslo

Bokmål     Nynorsk     Davvisámigiella

Norsk bokmål: Denne siden omhandler den norske lokalavdelingen av Wikimedia, Wikimedia Norge.
Norsk nynorsk: Denne sida omhandlar den norske lokalavdelinga av Wikimedia, Wikimedia Noreg.
English: This page is about the Norwegian chapter of Wikimedia, Wikimedia Norway.
Español : Esta es la página sobre el capítulo local noruego de Wikimedia, Wikimedia Noruega.
Dansk: Denne side omhandler den norske lokalafdeling af Wikimedia, Wikimedia Norge.
Nederlands: Op deze pagina staat de Noorse chapter van Wikimedia, Wikimedia Noorwegen centraal.
Türkçe: Bu sayfa Wikimedia'nın Norveççe bölümü, Wikimedia Norveç hakkındadır.
Svenska: Denna sida handlar om den norska lokalavdelningen av Wikimedia, Wikimedia Norge.
Deutsch: Diese Seite behandelt die norwegische Wikimedia-Sektion, Wikimedia Norge.

Wikimedia Norge[edit]

Wikimedia Norge is the Norwegian-based Wikimedia chapter. Visit our websites for more information: and

Board of trustees[edit]

Elected board as of annual meeting 6 March 2021:

  • Sigrun works with digital dissemination of cultural heritage. She has extensive experience from different NGO's as both chair and board member. She is an experienced contributor to Nynorsk Wikipedia.
  • Andrea is a journalist. Tiltnes resigned from the board 24 August due to possible future conflicts og interest connected to her new professional job position.
  • Trond is an experienced Wikipedian on the Nynorsk Wikipedia, and administrator on the Northern Sami and Nynorsk Wikipedias. He is a professor in Sami language technology at the University of Tromsø, and for the 2016–2019 term deputy chair of the Norwegian Language Council. He was first elected to the board of Wikimedia Norge in 2008 and then again in 2012.
  • Tore has been contributor on Bokmål Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons since 2006. He works as a freelance project manager in IT infrastructure and is an enthusiastic photographer in his spare time.
  • Hilde is an experienced Wikipedian on the Bokmål Wikipedia and in 2017 she wrote Wikipedia-biographies on women on a weekly basis. She is a professor in music at The University of Tromsø and member of the Ministry of Education and Research's Committe on Gender Balance and Diversity in research 208–2021.
  • Fredrik is dedicated to sharing knowledge, open data and rule of law. He has taken the initiativ to make the law more accessible for all through the online projects and
  • Stian has lots of experience from different civil society organisations og works as a political advisor in Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH). He is dedicated to Diversity and inclusion and wants everyone to have the opportunity to take part in knowledge production an dissemination.

Audit Committee[edit]

The Audit Committee (2021–22) consists of Trygve Nodeland and Harald Groven.

Electoral Committee[edit]

The Electoral Committee (2021–22) consists of Helge Høifødt, Anette Faksnes and Jan-Tore Egge.


  • Bylaws, Norwegian Bokmål (official; updated 2019)
  • Bylaws, Norwegian Nynorsk (translation; updated 2019)
  • Bylaws, Northern Sami (translation; updated 2019)
  • Bylaws, English (translation; updated 2019)


Alle undersider[edit]


Oppdatert protokoll ligger under Wikimedia_Norge/Protokoll_fra_stiftelsesmøtet.