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Wikimedia Community User Group Albania/2020 Report

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our UG members and families where heavily impacted, which had influenced the number of activities, meetups and collabs with other entities. Although the pandemic is still going on, we expect the activities of our user group to be hybrid with a combination of online and offline activities.

Activities for May 2020 & May 2021[edit]

WikiFilmat SQ Projekt[edit]

Our Usergroup has been working on the WikiFilmat SQ project for which we received support from Wikimedia through this grant: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Rapid/WCUGA/WikiFilmat-SQ-edithathons. The main goal of this project was to improve information about the Albanian film industry on Wikipedia, Wiki Commons and Wikidata. In this page is shown the progress that we have had with the project: https://sq.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiFilmat_SQ/Dokumentimi
Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, during 2020 we kept the project on-hold to restart with more activities during 2021. We hosted four more activities for the project to continue with the work of adding more movies produced by National Film Center and as well improved and created articles for the actors and actresses which had a role in these movies. In total since the project started we created and updated pages on Wikipedia for 188 Albanian movies and 60 actors. Indeed to say that cinematography is a topic which has interest for people to join in a contribute to improve the articles in Wikipedia.
Below are the dates when we hosted the events and some publications on social media.

The fourth event was held on 29.06.2021.

Partnership with SCiDEV (08.03.2021)[edit]

On March 8th, we hosted an online event with the participation of SCiDEV on the topic "Albanian women in STEM". SCiDEV is an NGO that aims to support and encourage sustainable, economic and social development and democratization in Albania and the wider region. One of their projects is about Creation of a Network of Albanian Women in STEM and increasing visibility for them as well. One specter of this project is as well to improve or create articles for notable Albanian women in STEM. We want to emphasize that our User Groups's role and main focus in this collaboration stands in exposing new editors (mainly students) to Wikipedia and training the participants on editing and improving articles in Wikipedia on the editathons organized jointly with SCiDEV and Open Labs. Following one of our main focuses of our user groups, which is Wikimedia in Education, we are happy to have been joined by students in the activities of this project.

During the event, SCiDev, Wikimedia Community User Group Albania and Open Labs signed a memorandum of understanding that aims to strengthen the cooperation between partners in order to publish multimedia materials and information related to girls and women in the field of science in an open format on platforms such as Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and other platforms of a nature similar thus empowering the public domain. More information about the memorandum can be found here.