Wikimedia Community User Group Albania/August Meetup 2018

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On 26 July 2018 some of the members of Wikimedia Community User Group Albania gathered again to discuss for their future events and plans for contributing to Wikimedia.




Sidorela wil documment the process, how someone can subscribe to our mailing list or join the discussion. Also another priority is to have our meta page multilingual, with main focuss to have it in albanian.

User group regulation[edit]

This was postponed for discussion until the next meeting. We need to add a "participate" section, to describe how someone can get involved.


We have now our mailing list here: and our email Mailing list is the official communication channel for the UG. At the moment there is an issue open in phabricator about the subscription to the mailing list:


We are working with the memorandum of colloboration, which will be published on the next meeting.


  • Wiki-Weekend 2018 will be on 1-2 December. In the next meeting we will decide the organizing group.
  • Editathons October-December with materials from Movie Center if we have a final agreement with them.
  • QR pedia, asking for grant to cover costs for the activity

Materials for UG[edit]

Other tasks[edit]

  • Finding or creating an infobox for movies.
  • Participation in Wikimedia events on behalf of user group will follow rotation process so everyone can have the opportunity to take part.