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Wikimedia Community User Group Cyprus

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Wikimedia Community User Group Cyprus

Location Cyprus
Country codeCY
Official language(s)Greek, Turkish
Other language(s)English

Wikimedia Community User Group Cyprus is an official group of users of Cypriot Wikimedia projects who are interested in organizing and participating in outreach activities on national and international level. The mission of the Wikimedia Community User Group Cyprus is to empower and engage people to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally. We are a diversified group of volunteers coming from all communities on the island and we edit in our respective official languages.


On March 8th, Anna Prodromou actively participated in the #WikiGap initiative, which was organized by the Embassy of Sweden in Nicosia in collaboration with the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS). The event featured a guest speaker, Marios Magioladitis from the Wikimedia User Group Greece. Anna's involvement in this event sparked a keen interest, leading her to take the initiative, supported by Marios, to establish the Cyprus Wikimedia User Group. The group currently consists of Anna and five other members.


  • Promoting Gender Equality in Wikipedia participation: Enhancing Gender Participation in Content Creation and Dissemination. Participation in International Wikimedia Projects, such as Wiki Gap.
  • Strengthening the diverse Cyprus Wikimedia Community: Serving as a Bridge between the Cypriots
  • Empowering Community Collaboration: Facilitating Partnerships and Networking Opportunities for Individuals and Organizations Engaged in Educational Content Creation and Open Knowledge in Cyprus.
  • Preserving and disseminating Cypriot Cultural Heritage: Facilitating Collaboration between Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums to Safeguard and Share Cyprus's Cultural Treasures
  • Engaging in Global Cultural Initiatives: Promoting Participation in International Wikimedia Projects, such as Wiki Loves Monuments, to Showcase Cypriot Heritage
  • Promoting Digital Literacy on Wikipedia: Providing Resources and Training to Enhance Digital Skills and Competencies in the Cypriot Population


Annual reports[edit]



1. Wikimedia Community Meetups: 1st Tuesday of the Month. Meetups for the Cyprus Wikimedia community to foster networking and collaboration among individuals interested in content creation and dissemination. Provide a platform for sharing ideas, discussing challenges, and initiating joint projects.

2. Partnership with Educational Institutions: Collaborate with schools, colleges, and universities in Cyprus, 2023 fall, to integrate Wikipedia editing and content creation into educational programs. Encourage students and teachers to contribute knowledge to Wikipedia, while enhancing digital literacy skills.

3. Gender Equality Edit-a-thons: Organize edit-a-thons, in January, February & March 2024, focused on improving gender representation on Wikipedia. Provide training and resources to participants on how to create and edit articles about notable women and address gender bias in existing content.

4. Wiki Gap Cyprus: Host Wiki Gap events in Cyprus on March 2024 in celebration of International Women’s Day to raise awareness about the gender gap on Wikipedia and encourage women's participation. Collaborate with local organizations and institutions to organize workshops, panel discussions, and editing sessions.

5. Mentorship Program: Establish in 2024 a mentorship program to support new contributors in their journey to become active participants in the Wikimedia community. Experienced editors can provide guidance, feedback, and assistance to newcomers, helping them navigate the editing process and build confidence.

Contact information[edit]

The designated representatives for this User Group are:


Currently, there is no formalized structure of the group, membership is open to any Wikimedian in good standing who wishes to contribute to this group's goals. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.


To join the group, please add your name and/or nickname to the list.


  • NikosLikomitros, from Greece, intending to help the Cypriot Wikimedians grow.
  • Ivan Zivkovik, from North Macedonia, with the intention of building a respectable community of Cypriot Wikimedians with diverse activities, annual program and budget.