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Photo de Grand P, une illustration du projet Tapis Rouge Wikimédia Guinée

Since 2017 we are in perpetual movement in Guinea for the free dissemination of knowledge and knowledge in Guinea and around the world.

The challenge of 2020 is seen to reorient at the end of the first quarter for the protection of Wikimedia Guinea members from the Coronavirus pandemic in Guinea, all while maintaining the necessary course to enhance and achieve our objectives based on the integration of the interior of the country.

the establishment of a structural framework to be used for the deployment of a strong and dynamic organization.

Thus, significant face-to-face and especially online activities with more relevant and diverse content were carried out, demonstrating a strong commitment from the volunteers of the new association, topped off with international actions.

The purpose of this document is therefore to report on this dynamic that began with the initiative of the project three years ago.

More relevant and diverse content[edit]

Since 2018, several contributions, have been implemented by members of the Guinea Conakry User Group or by contributors who benefited from its supervision during the wiki workshops.

The combined efforts allowed us to reach more than 1,600 articles in 2020, a clear improvement on the dynamics of 2019.

Creation, translation and correction of articles on public figures, education, culture, infrastructure and urban areas of Guinea.

The editions were on Wikipedia and Wikidata, notable downloads and reuse of content on Wikimedia Commons (WWP). As diverse as it was, they focused on French, Fulfulde and N'ko.

In addition to French, articles in Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese and especially English have been translated into French concerning Guinea and Africa (African cinema month).

Our members are growing, especially during face-to-face events before March and after October organized by the Wikimedia Guinea Conakry community of users.

This was possible with the support of partners, both strategic and financial for the operationalization of our objectives.

In view of the pandemic context, they have less agreement, unlike 2019. There are several partnerships in 2020 that can be classified according to whether they are considered as formal agreements, whether they have simple hosts of events organized by the user group, whether they have granted us funding or have associated us with events offering us forums to promote the free dissemination of knowledge.

  • Collaboration agreements with partners such as:
  • Event hosts:

- one session

    • Front pour le développement de Mali
    • University Kofi Annan de Guinée
    • University de Kindia
    • University Julius-Nyerere de Kankan
    • Institut des technologie de Mamou
    • Institut Roi Mohamed VI de Kamsar

- Invitations :

    • Cabinet Sup Coaching
    • Alliance des jeunes engagés pour le succès -AJES
    • Alerte Humanity

Communication channels[edit]

Our communication channels have them no longer subscribe.

  • Broadcast list[1] 👍
  • Facebook 4000 soit 100 pourcent de plus [2] 👍
  • Twitter 345 soit 180 pourcent de plus [3] 👍
  • Instagram 292 soit 63 pourcent de plus [4] 👍
  • LinkedIn 28 relations soit 280 pourcent de plus [5] 👍

Nos activités[edit]

Activité Lieu Dates
Journée contributive Bibliothéque universitaire Kofi Annan de Guinée 7 et 14 décembre 2019
atelier de formation Maison des jeune de Mali 8 janvier 2020
Journée contributive (Wikidata) Université Kofi Annan de Guinée 25 janvier 2020
Atelier de formations Wiki Loves Africa Kindia 31 janvier et 1er février 2020
Atelier de formations Wiki Loves Africa Mamou 7 et 8 février 2020
Atelier de formations Wiktionaire Conakry 15 février 2020
Consultation des recommandations synthétisées de la Stratégie Wikimedia 2030 en Guinée Conakry (Kindia et Kamsar) 17 février 2020
Atelier de formations Wiki Loves Africa Kankan 7 mars 2020
journée contributif En ligne 8 mars 2020
Wikipédia Guinée Béré En ligne juillet à septembre 2020
Atelier de formations Kamsar 30 et 31 octobre et 1er novembre 2020


  • WikiChezvous
  • Mois Africain Wikipédia
  • Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos
  • WikiWeekend
  • Wikisolidarité
  • Webinaires

A growing volunteer commitment[edit]

l'oeil de facilitateur à Kindia

Wikimedia Community User Group Guinea Conakry has organized more than 11 events in 6 cities (Conakry, Kindia, Mamou, Kamsar and Kankan)' divided between workshops, outings, contests, meetings, executive office, assembly and monthly meeting and especially awareness raising around free contributions' (online and face-to-face).
These activities generated several hours of work and commitment from volunteers. This commitment is the result of "35 workers, 50% of whom are women". This significant proportion of women in the Association is marked by their strong involvement in training and assistance to trainers as facilitators and present within the management staff where they occupy 50% of elective positions.

Source of funding[edit]

The Guinea Conakry Wikimedia Users Group has no sponsor. All current expenses are spent with funds from Wikimédia France, la Fondation Wikimédia, de Wikimédia Suisse and personal funds of participants.


Notes et Références[edit]