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Wikimedia Community User Group Guinée Conakry/Report2021

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Awareness evening on Vikidia with the Orange Guinea Foundation
Guinea wikimedia team at EP soloprimo

After four years of exercises, the Republic of Guinea has continued its activities with the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. The activities continue in 2022 with more success than the previous edition with more successful missions, partnerships and collaborations.

Thus, significant face-to-face and online activities with more relevant and diversified content have been carried out, demonstrating a strong commitment from the association's volunteers, all crowned by actions with volunteers from around the world.

This document helps to account for the dynamics initiated since the start of the Guinean user group, 4 years ago.

Presentation of Nfana Diakité from Wikimedia Mali in Guinea

More relevant and diverse content


In 2021, all regions of Guinea have now carried out training, this has been implemented on the part of the former founding members of the Guinea Conakry User Group to motivate novices who have benefited from its supervision during the sessions. training, photo outings and wiki workshops. The combined efforts have enabled us to cross the 2000 articles for Wikipedia in French in 2021, a clear improvement. From the creation, translation and correction of articles on public figures, education, cultures, infrastructures and agglomerations of Guinea.

Photo trip in the Nimba Mountains Reserve for the Bossou Chimpanzee

The contributions related to Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikivoyage, Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons and various languages including French, English, Fulfulde and N'ko.

In addition to these languages, we make mini contributions in other language versions, in particular by adding photos or translating their content, articles in Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese and especially English are translated into French concerning Guinea and Africa.

In June 2021, we received our letter of official recognition from the Ministry of Territorial Administration of Guinea and this makes it easier for us to carry out our mission and establish partnerships.

Nos activités

Activity Location Dates
awareness day university Gamal Abdel Nasser from Conakry November 2020
awareness day Mory Kante Institute November 2020
Photo night Hotel Onomo December 4, 2020
Wikipedia20 Solidarity workshop January 14 to 16, 2021
Training workshop WikiChallenge School of Africa 2021 Soloprimo (Conakry) February 10, 2021
Training workshop WikiChallenge School of Africa 2021 Kagbelin Dubreka February 12, 2021
Training workshop WikiChallenge School of Africa 2021 Tanene February 15, 2021
Training workshop WikiChallenge School of Africa 2021 Boffa February 16, 2021
Training workshop WikiChallenge School of Africa 2021 Boke February 17, 2021
Training workshop WikiChallenge School of Africa 2021 Fria February 18, 2021
Training workshop WikiChallenge School of Africa 2021 Kindia February 25, 2021
Training workshop WikiChallenge School of Africa 2021 Coyah center February 27, 2021
Contributory day (Wikipedia and Wikidata) Gandal Institute March 3, 2020
International Francophone Contribution Month 2021 Kindia, Conakry and Mamou March 2021
Wiki Love Africa 2021 Pita, Labe and Kankan March 2021
Picture output Pita 9 March 2021
72 book hour 2021 Hotel Onomo March 24 to 26, 2021
Wiki Loves Eath Bossou 2021
Red Carpet (National Assembly) Conakry May 2021
Picture output Isle of Room June 2021
GLAM Outreach 2021 Conakry (Physical and online) June 2021 to January 2022
Picture output Middle Guinea July to September 2021
Picture output Conakry September 5 and October 31, 2021
Dalaba Fair Dalaba November 10 to 20, 2021



Our members are growing, especially during face-to-face events organized by the Wikimedia Guinea Conakry user community. This was possible with the support of partners, both strategic and financial for the operationalization of our objectives.

In view of the dual context of Guinea, first the pandemic and then the change of political regime, it is up to them to make partnership agreements. There were several partnerships in 2020 that can be classified according to whether they are considered formal agreements, whether they simply host events organized by the user group, whether they grant us funding or have associated us with events offering us forums for promoting the free dissemination of knowledge.

Palaver hut of Dalaba
  • Collaboration agreements with partners such as:
    • Wikifranca movement
    • Mali and Benin Wikimedia User Group
    • L'Harmattan Guinea (for the 72 hours of the book)
    • Bossou Institute
    • Word Legacy Wiki
    • State Institutions ( pour tapis rouges Wikimedia guinée)
    • Alliance of young people committed to success -AJES
    • Youth Association for Dalaba Development
    • Front for the Development of Mali
  • Event hosts:

- one session

    • Onomo Hotel
    • Gamal Abdel Nasser University of Conakry
    • Kofi Annan University of Guinea
    • University of Labe
    • Julius-Nyerere University of Kankan

- Invites:

    • Cabinet Sup Coaching
    • Alliance of young people committed to success -AJES
  • Emission et invitation médiatique
    • City FM 88.1
    • Espace TV
    • RTG

After the show at RTG

Communication channels


Our communication channels have more subscribers.

  • Broadcast list [1]
  • Facebook 5000 subscribers [2]
  • Twitter 589 subscribers [3]
  • Instagram 457 subscribers [4]
  • LinkedIn 127 subscribers [5]
Family photo with the general management of the ISSMV (Dalaba)

A growing volunteer commitment

FTraining of GLAM partners in Guinea

Wikimedia Community User Group Guinea Conakry has organized more than 20 events in 9 cities (Conakry, Kindia, Mamou, Pita, Kamsar, Beyla, Labé, Mali and Kankan) divided between workshops, photo outings, competitions, meetings , executive office and daily discussions and especially sensitization around free contributions (online and face-to-face).
These activities generated several hours of work and commitment from volunteers'. This commitment is due to 50 volunteers, 50% of whom are women. This significant proportion of women in the Association is very remarkable for their strong involvement in photo shoots, training and assistance to trainers as facilitators and present within the management staff where they occupy 50% of the positions.

Source of funding


The Guinea Conakry Wikimedia User Group has no sponsors. All current expenses are spent with funds from Wikimedia France, the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Switzerland and participants' personal funds.

Useful resources


Notes and references