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Africa Day Campaign Poster- Kenya
Flag of the African Union. Green shape of the African continent set against radiating white lines and circled with 55 gold stars representing the member states.
Flag of the African Union (Wikimedia Commons)

The Africa Wiki Challenge, is a project aimed at curating and enhancing the online image of Africa. By producing top-notch content that authentically depicts the continent's culture, heritage, population, and any other pertinent information, we hope to close the information gap concerning it. Without African knowledge and stories written by Africans, we are unable to experience an accurate representation of our world, our people, and our languages or to participate in its growth.

Goals & Objectives[edit]

Increased Participation: The campaign will attract new members to the Wikipedia Community User Group Kenya, expanding it's network and promoting active involvement in African focused content creation.

Knowledge Sharing: Participants will share their expertise, insights and experiences with other group members, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Community Building: The campaign will strengthen relationships among the Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya members hence creating a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Expected Outcome[edit]

Increased Awareness

Community Growth

Knowledge empowerment


Timeline 15th of June to 8th July 2023.

Online Launch and training: 15th June 2023

Programs Closure: 8th July 2023


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Coordinating Team[edit]

  1. Cmwaura - Project Lead
  2. Anitah Pezz-Facilitator


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Social Media Channels[edit]

Participants Experience - African Day

"I joined the Africa Day Wiki quote campaign on June 8, 2023 because I was interested in learning how to contribute to it. On June 12, 2023, when we had our official launch, my curiosity was piqued. My ambitious objective was to convert at least 30 red links to blue connections. The procedure was extremely intriguing. I joined a dashboard created by the facilitators to record my contributions. What makes wikiquote fascinating is the research that goes into it, such as reading books, newspapers, and watching interviews with the goal of not only entertaining but also capturing important information. It teaches individuals to be proactive rather than merely passive listeners. The number of subsequent training sessions and edit-a-thon virtual meetings were productive. By the time the project concluded on the 14th of July, 2023, I had acquired a great deal of skills that will assist me in constructing Wikiquote now and in the future." Michael Maua

"The Africa Day Wiki Quotes was a good experience. I got to learn about new notable people I didn't know and what they did. It was a good and fun experience looking for notable citations and quotes about them. However, I experienced a challenge while doing research because some of the articles did not have full required information about the person but with research I was able to improve on such articles and complete them. All in all the campaign was good and I'd love to be part of another in future." Faith Buyaki

"Africa Day campaign was exciting and I looked forward to contributing more on issues about my continent. Editing Wikiquotes sounded and seemed like a walk in the park but it got tougher doing it. This was my first Wikiquotes project and I felt like there was no enough capacity building of the same for the participants and looking ahead we need to be empowering contributors better so that their contributions in the Wiki campaigns are more significant. Overall, I enjoyed it." Terry Boke

"Thanks our User group trainer Cmwaura and the entire team for the support during the entire Africa Day Campaign, Wikiquotes. It is through the Wikipedia foundation projects that I have made a sense of purpose in research and connection through the whole career and got opportunities and scholarships to work with other Wikipedia related organizations across Africa and the world e.g., GLAM Wiki Conference, DLF forum fellowship,Wiki for Human Rights, IFCN/WIR Fact-checking and now Wikiquotes. Thanks to Cmwaura who organized trainings and Edit-A-thons." Victor Omondi

"I was honoured to be one of the facilitators of the Africa Day Campaign,Wikiquotes. I have improved on both my leadership and editing skills. We had successful trainings and edit-a-thons which were educative and insightful thanks to our project manager Cmwaura. I am super excited to continue editing and creating more articles on Wikiquotes." Ann Wavinya