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Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia/Reports/ESEAP 2018

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Presentation by Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia during ESEAP 2018

Event Name[edit]

ESEAP Conference 2018 is a regional conference for Wikimedia communities throughout the ESEAP region: ESEAP stands for East, Southeast Asia, and Pacific.

Taking place in Bali, Indonesia on 5–6 May 2018, this is the first regional conference for these Wikimedia communities

Report Summary[edit]


Having experienced both conferences in Berlin and Bali, I would say both are equally important and it is recommended that at least one representative of a chapter or user group attend both events for a full understanding of the movement and possibilities. Language barriers hinders interactions but cultural features also leads to certain communities being more represented. Wiki communities from Oriental countries and the sino heritage can being doing more. Both conference lack events related to the smaller sister projects, while Data is visibly receiving a great push. The strategic vision of Knowledge Equity and Service is highly attractive but requires more promotion and explanation. I am very happy to have had this chance to meet fellow Wikipedian Taufik and members from the region. The trip made by Foundation members to meet us is greatly appreciated.


This is my first time participating offline activity for the Wikimedia movement. It was such an eye opener for me to be able to meet fellow experienced Wikimedians throughout the region. Everyone was eager to learn more about Wikimedia to bring back to their community. Most of the talks are about on how to engage with the community for Wikimedia projects, primarily Wikipedia. The talks were quite insightful and interesting. It was an honour to be able to attend this conference hosted by Wikimedia Indonesia. I was able to meet and exchange views with other Wikimedians, discussing on how to engage our community to provide free knowledge through Wikimedia. It was also my first time to meet fellow members from the Malaysia Group like Butch and Daniel. This conference surely boost my motivation and effort to help my community with Wikimedia.

Entry Process[edit]

In February 2017, I (MYMMMC) was informed via WhatsApp that the Vice Presidents were not able to attend the conference.

I contacted the organizers, filled in the application, and was deemed qualified as a sponsored candidate to the event.

It was also suggested I submit a presentation for the Lightning talk session.

I proposed one that introduced Wikipedia usage in Malaysia, summarizing my thesis research and report on our recent community user group activities.

For an idea why I qualified for the delegation, please visit my profile.

At the end of March 2018, I (Tofeiku) received an e-mail sent via Wiktionary and a message at my Malay Wikitionary talk page from User:Pilarbini stating that there's a lack of representation from my country and I was invited to try my luck in getting the full scholarship for the conference by filling up a form. In early April, I was selected to attend ESEAP Conference 2018 and received the full scholarship for the rest of the conference. This is my first time joining such event after editing in Wikimedia projects for 5 years.


- Small or new usergroups should still try to have a two person delegate to fully benefit from the rich experience.

- Greater effort to distribute news on conference and find potential candidates.

- Discuss about other Wikimedia projects too like Wiktionary and Commons.

Communication, Financial & Travel Advice for Malaysian Attendee[edit]

Ticket purchasing and lodging arrangements were provided by the organizer through their travel agent, but you might find better deals on your own as many big budget airlines fly from Malaysia. Do so quickly as price fluctuates.

A delegate can have a very budgeted trip as even travel to the airport is covered, but any further adventures requires some investment in time off work and finance.

Malaysians do not need Visa for most regional countries. It is recommended that attendee check that their credit or debit card has international transaction allowed.

It takes some time to digest the information from the conference website, making preparations, and investing in following the communication channels: Facebook Group, Whatsapp Chat, Telegram (more Europeans).

Bring sweets and also a good sense of what the group has accomplished, its challenges, presented verbally or via posters.

Laptop is optional. Friendly disposition and name cards is a must.


Do keep some amount of cash in the local currency just in case. Deposit was needed in the hotel upon checking in.

Bring something from your place so that your new friends could keep it.


- Regional meetings are comparatively more accessible than most international meetups. Ideally Malaysian reps can attend the coming one in Australia.

Conference Experience[edit]

Conference Day 1: Saturday, 5 May 2018

Please find details to program and presenters here.

Session Notes
Opening Ceremony and Introduction Event opening was slightly chaotic, some technical glitches, language barrier, shy crowd, lackluster
Community Outreach 1. Takashi Ota: Wikimedia in Kansai - How to help new local contributors to join and write articles;

2. Joseph F. Ballesteros: Conducting a successful edit-a-thon

Community Capacity Mapping Azaf Bartov's mapping tool is useful for any community to access their strengths and weaknesses. It takes into account the robustness of certain qualities being dependent on specific volunteers. If the volunteer goes, that capacity can collapse. Leadership circle should be widen to avoid this problem. The entire map has around 40 types of capacity. It should be possible to have a small and light version of this assessment to avoid intimidating smaller user groups. When using it, take into consideration which language, period, and wiki project the map refers to. In the case of Malaysia, the problem comes with the number of language editions related to our country.
Planning for learning with Wikimedia Projects Nichole Saad
  • Backwards Planning Template- Establish Goals, consider assessment evidence, materials and resources needed, produce learning plan ; use action verb- statement; focus on learners & 5 pillars; terms from Bloom's Taxonomy.
  • GRASPS: real world Goal, meaningful Role, Authentic/ Audience, contextual Situation, student generated Products/ Performance, Standards (see Understanding by Design framework)
  • WHERETO - What are they learning, Why?; Hook; Equip; Rethink, Revision, Refinement; Evaluation & Reflection; Tailor; Organize
Public Policy Trends in Asia by Jan Gerlach WF speaker Jan Gerlach
  • Laws can promote or threaten the movement. Public policies in differ across countries and the Foundation monitors it.
  • Policies can be divided into three areas: content (copyright), users (access, censorship, privacy), and platform (intermediary liability protection), Wikimedia Foundation operates under US laws, owns the servers but are not liable to editorial decisions, yet will do its best to provide community legal defense and advice (Turkey, Italy).
  • Trends: fake news, laws responding to fake news, cyberagencies (troopers, surveillance), censorship (block content, take down requests, sedition, defamation), privacy. Under oppressive regimes, a sock puppet is a tool to protect activists, not trolls;
  • Personal points- certain sites and mediums are less patrolled or safer from monitoring, example are video games censorship; foreign agencies are interested in your content (Russia on Malaysian Airlines); Commons profits Google and corporations - mostly concerns for government abuse
  • Refer to Wikimedia Foudantion Transparency Report for more info
Wikimedia Asian Month Review Spring Roll Conan (春卷柯南): Chinese Wikipedia Competition
  • By Asian, it was more of a Chinese edition?
  • According to hand out, it has run for 3 years, 673 participants, over 6,000 high quality articles on over 50 projects
  • Hong Kong chapter disbanded, regrown; competition across Chinese editions?
  • Coming event is in November 2018
  • Seek out Erick, Sailesh. Liang for more info

Conference Day 2: Sunday, 6 May 2018

Session Notes
Get Together & Lightning Talks 1. Rachmat Wahidi: Collaboration with GLAM institutions in Indonesia
  • long negotiation process; copyright concerns; translation needs

2. Irvin Sto. Tomas: Bikol Wikipedia as a Local Resource

  • commons information reused in other publications, slow but sure growth

3. Daniel Chong Choon Yuen: Wikipedia in Malaysia: Early History, Growth, Tipping Point, Future?

4. Nur Rahmi Nailah: Javanese Wikipedia

  • It's huge and goes into schools

5. Athikhun Suwannakhan: Wikipedia Education Program in Thailand: A Three-Year Experience

  • mentorship program, chapter recognition soon, mentors are doctors and academics
Grants for Individuals
  • Different type of grants available: conference grants, programs, project grants (USD30,000 to USD100,000 ), rapid grants (USD 500. Min to USD 2,000)
  • Example projects: awareness campaigns, inspire programs, radio show, research fund, photo walks, public speaking training, etc.
  • PROPOSAL STRUCTURE: I want to do ___ so that ___ happens; Situation right now is __& after this we hope ___ .
  • Break goals down, tie goals to activities, if goals are not met, do your best to understand why and future remedy; use Dashboard for metrics
  • Some selection criteria: Is proposal localised or reusable at regional or international level? User group targeted? Sufficient planning and details in plan? Right type of grant? Sufficient amount for miscellaneous funds/ 10% unforeseen expenses.? Clear general and specific breakdown of costs? Approx people involved and dates? Possible extension or follow up of event? Performance measurements, e.g. retention rate? Timing of request?
  • Other considerations: Funds do not pay for general volunteer work but Pizza money is fine; Funds from one project left over can be used another, just keep track and inform the Foundation- use an app; Equipment can be shared and reused, no need to sell and return money; Grants move as fast as you move; Apply in any language. reports in any language. tell us your story; Flights tend not to be funded, but depends on justifications, etc.
Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy
Ideas for ESEAP Collaboration
Closing Ceremony

Minor Impressions/ Random notes[edit]

  • Sweets table and souvenirs had a lot more leftovers compared to Berlin.
  • Concept of safe space was not really emphasized in this conference
  • Wikipedians I (MYMMMC) interacted with: Dimas Hardijanto, trainer and fascilitator; Jeremy Ludlow, roommate and Commons advocate; Jan Gerlach, WF public policy manager; Rinto Jiang; Dimas at the bar; Zulfadli from Brunei; and many more