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Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia


Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia (MYS) is a Wikimedia user group for people living in, interested in or connected to Malaysia and also its relations/connections to the neighboring countries and around the world.

We support the goals of the Wikimedia Foundation, including the work of volunteers on Wikimedia projects as well as numerous other free knowledge initiatives. Our aim is to support, promote, and educate the general public about the availability and use of free and open educational content, which includes the ability to access, develop and contribute to Wikimedia projects. Our initial medium language is English (en) and occasionally Malay (ms), but we are trying to expand the usage of Mandarin (zh), Cantonese (zh-yue) and Tamil (ta) languages, and probably one of the indigenous language of Malaysia.

In the event of discrepancy of information between the other language versions of this page, the English version of this Malaysia user group shall prevail. The Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia upholds strict zero discrimination, venue with disability access, friendly space, nonprofit activities, weekend-only events, low profile and open and transparent policies.


The main objectives of the affiliate is:

  • Organise public outreach activities around the county,
  • Act as a hub for Wikimedians in Malaysia,
  • Collaborate with the wider regional and international Wikimedia community (starting from neighboring countries of Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore etc and further to expand to more countries worldwide),
  • Promote Wikipedia and various Malaysian Wikimedia projects throughout Malaysia and rest of the World, and
  • Act as a voice and representative for the Malaysian Wikimedia community

To achieve these objectives, the User Group will organize and arrange various meetups, presentations, training and drives both on and off-wiki. Our goal is to set a solid foundation for a Wikimedia in Malaysia and to run series of Wiki Projects and initiatives throughout Malaysia.

History and Milestones[edit]

Engagement with Wikimedia Singapore community (Singapore Meetup 8) - 8 November 2015
Representing Wikipedia Malaysia at Wikimedia Conference 2017 in Germany - 31 March-2 April 2017
Visit to Wikimedia Indonesia chapter - 10 August 2017




  • 16 May - The designing of Wikipedia Malaysia Meetup vertical retractable standing banner (credit to Tribeca Studio).
  • 22 May - The first Wikipedia meetup in Malaysia (Johor Meetup 1).
  • 5 June - The first Wikipedia meetup in the capital city (Kuala Lumpur Meetup 1).
  • 11 December


  • 25 February - The first meetup with corporation (Selangor Meetup 2).
  • 31 March - Presentation on Wikipedia Community in Malaysia during the Wikimedia Conference 2017 in Berlin, Germany.
  • 22 April - Meeting to enact and agree to form the Wikimedia Malaysia User Group (Kuala Lumpur Meetup 2).
  • 9 May - Submission for approval to make Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in conjunction and participation with local festival event.
  • 17 May - Submission approved for the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in conjunction with local festival event (Johor Bahru Writers + Film Festival 2017).
  • 30 May - Application submission to establish Wikimedia Malaysia User Group under the name Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia.
  • 10 August - Visit and engagement with Wikimedia Indonesia chapter to learn on running Wikimedia user groups and their related activities.
  • 10 September - The recognition of Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia.
  • 25 September - The design of the user group logo (credit to Wikimedia Philippines member Exec8).
  • 8 October - The first meetup with school (Johor Meetup 2).
  • 13 October - The approval of the user group logo by the Affiliations Committee of Wikimedia Foundation.
  • 22 October - The first meetup/event in conjunction with city festival (Johor Meetup 3).
  • 30 October - Initial discussion on creating standardized name cards for the user group organizing committees (in English and also Malay, Mandarin and Tamil).
  • 21 November - The approval to make the first Wikipedia Malaysia meetup at college (Johor Meetup 4).
  • 6 December - The approval to make Wikipedia Johor Meetup 5.
  • 9 December - The first meetup with college (Johor Meetup 4).
  • 10 December - The creation of Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia Facebook group.
  • 16 December - The approval to make the first Wikipedia Malaysia meetup at social charity institution (Johor Meetup 6).
  • 17 December - The discussion to make the future first Wikipedia Malaysia meetup at high school.



Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

Person in charge: Ammarah
Facebook page: WLM Malaysia

Wikipedia Meetups and Events[edit]

The first Wikipedia meetup in Malaysia (Johor Meetup 1) - 22 May 2016

Person in charge: Chongkian
Main page: Wikipedia:Meetup/Malaysia
We always try our very best to find meetup venues with disability access and on weekends only to accommodate people who are working or studying.


  • Johor 1 (Sunday, 22 May 2016 @ Iskandar Puteri) - English
  • Kuala Lumpur 1 (Sunday, 5 June 2016 @ Bukit Bintang) - English
  • Selangor 1 (Sunday, 11 December 2016 @ Petaling Jaya) - English


  • Selangor 2 (Saturday, 25 February 2017 @ Subang Jaya) - English
  • Kuala Lumpur 2 (Saturday, 22 April 2017 @ Bukit Bintang) - English & Malay
  • Johor 2 (Sunday, 8 October 2017 @ Johor Bahru) - Malay
  • Johor 3 (Sunday, 22 October 2017 @ Johor Bahru) - English
  • Johor 4 (Saturday, 9 December 2017 @ Johor Bahru) - English


  • Johor 5 (Saturday, 20 January 2018 @ Johor Bahru) - English


  • Johor 6 (Saturday, 10 March 2018 @ Saleng) - English

Organizational Structures and Responsibilities[edit]

Meetup to agree and enact the establishment of user group for Wikipedia Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur 2) - 22 April 2017


  • Chongkian (Wikipedia meetups, community outreach (corporation, school etc), en language-related articles, Wikimedia Commons)

Vice Presidents


  • Ammarah (Wiki Loves Monuments)
  • MYMMMC (Wikipedia-related offline events search)
  • QianCheng (WikiProject coordinator, Wikipedia events promotion)
  • Tinlone (zh and zh-yue language-related articles)

Anyone who wish to contribute as the committees of this user group, you may contact Chongkian. Position is just for official purpose. In reality, we all help each other to make things work out :) Currently we are looking for people with fluency (speaking, reading, typing) in Tamil or other indigenous languages in Malaysia (e.g. Iban etc).


Please feel free to add your username here if you are interested in the user group and its projects.

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