Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia history

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History of the user group[edit]

Year Month Date Event Photo
2007 August 4 The creation of WikiProject Malaysia page in English Wikipedia
2012 July 12-15 Wikimedia Malaysia Community participated at Wikimania 2012 in Washington D.C., United States Wikimania 2012 Group Photograph-0004.jpg
2015 April 27 The first Wiki Loves Monuments in Malaysia in Wikimedia Commons
28 The creation of Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia page in Meta-Wiki
November 8 Visit and engagement with Wikimedia Singapore community to learn on establishing the Wikipedia Malaysia community (Singapore Meetup 8) Wikipedia Singapore Meetup 8.JPG
2016 May 16 The creation of Wikipedia Malaysia Meetup vertical retractable standing banner (credit to Tribeca Studio) Wikipedia Malaysia Meetup Banner.jpg
22 The first Wikipedia meetup in Malaysia (Johor Meetup 1) and the birth of Wikimedia Malaysia community. Wikipedia Johor Meetup 1.jpg
June 5 Kuala Lumpur Meetup 1 Wikipedia Kuala Lumpur Meetup 1.jpg
December 11 Selangor Meetup 1 Wikipedia Selangor Meetup 1.jpg
2017 February 25 Selangor Meetup 2 Wikipedia Selangor Meetup 2.jpg
March-April 31-2 Wikimedia Malaysia Community participated at Wikimedia Conference 2017 in Berlin, Germany Wikimedia Conference 2017 – Group photo 2 (small).jpg
April 22 Kuala Lumpur Meetup 2 Wikipedia Kuala Lumpur Meetup 2.jpg
October 8 Johor Meetup 2 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 2.jpg
22 Johor Meetup 3 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 3.jpg
December 9 Johor Meetup 4 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 4.jpg
2018 January 20 Johor Meetup 5 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 5.jpg
February 24 Johor Meetup 6 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 6.jpg
April 14 Johor Meetup 7 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 7.jpg
May 17 Sabah Meetup 1 Wikipedia Sabah 1 Meetup Group Photo.jpg
June 30 Kuala Lumpur Meetup 3 GeekCamp Kuala Lumpur 2018.jpg
July 14 Johor Meetup 8 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 8.jpg
August 6 Kelantan Meetup 1 1st Kelantan Meetup.jpg
26 Kuala Lumpur Meetup 4 Wikipedia Kuala Lumpur Meetup 4.jpg
September 15 Kuala Lumpur Meetup 5 Wikipedia Kuala Lumpur Meetup 5.jpg
October 6 Melaka Meetup 1 Wikipedia Melaka Meetup 1.jpg
December 12 Kuala Lumpur Meetup 6 WCUGMatPNM2018.jpg
Penang Meetup 1 Wikipedia Penang 1 Meetup Presenting.jpg
2019 April 14 Kedah Meetup 1 Wikipedia Kedah Meetup 1.jpg
24 Kelantan Meetup 2 Kelantan Meetup 2.jpg
May 1 Johor Meetup 9 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 9.jpg
19 Johor Meetup 10 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 10.jpg
26 The creation of Malaysia Wikipe-tan Wikipetan in Malaysian highschool clothes.png
31 Johor Meetup 11 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 11.jpg
June 22 Johor Meetup 12 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 12.jpg
July 25 Johor Meetup 13 Wikipedia Johor Meetup 13.jpg
August 1 Kuala Lumpur Meetup 7 Wikimedia Malaysia x National Library Malaysia 2019 - 006.jpg
October 9 Penang Meetup 2 Wikipedia Penang 2 Meetup.jpg
31 Kelantan Meetup 3 Wikipedia Kelantan Meetup 3.1.1.jpg
November 9 Kelantan Meetup 4 Wikipedia Kelantan Meetup 4.6.jpg