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Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania/social medias code of conduct

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Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania Social Media policy[edit]

Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania Social Media policy DO's
1. Kindly Introduce yourself once you join the group. ➢ It is always good to know each other
2. Ask anything about Wikimedia projects. ➢ Ask anything related to Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikivoyage, Wikidata, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikiversity, Wikisource,Meta wiki,Wikiquote,Wikispecies,Medi awiki,Wikimedia Incubator,Wikinews,Wiki Loves Africa, Wiki Loves Women, Wiki Loves Monuments e.t.c
3. If you are somehow new to Wikimedia projects, ask guidelines from admin(s) to get instructions on what and where you can start with. ➢ Admin(s) will give you the guidelines to follow based on your area of interest in contributing to Wikimedia movement.
4. You are allowed to share your expertise related to Wikimedia projects. ➢ If you have a certain knowledge about Wikimedia projects and you want to share with the rest of the members you can do so.
5. If your area of expertise is not/ unclear if its directly relevant to wiki projects, consult any admin to see where you can fit better in Wiki projects ➢ There is a variety of Wikimedia projects, as individual or partner or an organizational entity you can consult an admin to see the common area of interest that fits you better in relation to free knowledge.
6. Feel free to participate in any discussion going on the group as its a group for everyone. ➢ Any discussion in a group concerns the group as unity, hence you are free to ask, advice, recommend and raise any concerns with good faith.
7. It's a flexible group, its ok to joke around, network with others and have fun during different discussions but without causing discomfort to others ➢ It’s not a totally strict group for robots, you can always cheer the group during the discussions but always remember too much is harmful.
8. Before sharing something, ask yourself these questions “Is this relevant?Is this necessary?Is this a good time to post?” if you are still not sure, ask the admin to help you out. ➢ This will help the group to maintain its focus on bridging the skills gap on contributing to Wikimedia movement and its collaborators towards promotion of free knowledge.
9. Check your info sources before you share. ➢ Ensure what you share is verifiable.
10. Any important updates from the Government should be discussed first with the Admin(s) before sharing. ➢ This will help to evaluate how important the update it is considering there are other already existing platforms to get those updates.
11. You are allowed to suggest any new potential thing to Tanzanian Wikimedians through admin(s) first before reaching the main group. ➢ The group is always positive to accept new Ideas and projects, you can contact any of the representatives or admin(s) to have a pre discussion before bringing to the general group.
12. You are free to Join or Leave the group with or without stating the reason. ➢ In case you join the group and for some reason(s) you find it’s not interesting or you feel its not for you, you are free to leave with or without stating the reason (although stating the reason may be helpful to the group in case some improvement are needed)
Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania Social Media policy DON'Ts
1. Don’t deviate from the purpose of the group ➢ Always keep in mind that: OUR MISSION: “The mission of the Wikimedia Foundation is to empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally.”

VISION: ‘’ Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge’’. That's our commitment.

2. No Personal Advertisement of private things. ➢ If everyone is allowed to advertise what he privately does it will be a total mess and the focus of the group will be lost. Otherwise if you think your advertising has some benefits to Tanzanian Wikimedians on executing their volunteering work, consult any admin to pre evaluate it before sharing with the group.
➢ Things like networking markets ads, Business advertisements, Private YouTube channel subscription requests, surveys, biased football, politics, religion, beliefs matters and things of the sort are not allowed.
3. Don’t use abusive and harsh language while sharing your thoughts especially for issues differing from thoughts. ➢ This Will help all of us to feel secure and cared for our freedom of expression.
4. Don’t get personal ➢ You are free to disagree with some matters seeming not right to you, but never disrespect.
5. Do not add people to groups without their permission ➢ Always get permission to add someone into the group.
6. Don’t carry out personal conversations in groups ➢ One-on-One conversations should be done privately among the two, unless if the One-On-One chat in a group has some informational benefits to all
7. Don’t send personal messages to professional contacts ➢ All participants contacts are considered as official contacts don’t share to the group things like romantic scribbles, comedy, poem you composed, exciting quotes e.t.c as perhaps the other people are not as enthusiastic about that as you are.
8. Don’t spam timelines ➢ Although it's a flexible group, joking 70 times a day may be harmful to others as they use their bundles to receive your posts.
9. Don’t use excessive emojis ➢ Constructing the entire sentence out of emojis can become annoying. Try only to use emojis to compliment words.
10. Don’t message at strange hours ➢ Send your message/comments to the group between 6:00 am to 11:59p.m to avoid disturbance to people at mid night.
11. Don’t screenshot chats without permission: ➢ Ensure you take the person/s consent before screenshoting his/her conversation from the group.

➢ This is to ensure people’s privacy are protected.

12. Don’t share information about natural calamities, stories, accidents, and politics unless it has to do in someway with writing articles on Wikipedia. ➢ May cause the group to deviate from the main purpose.

➢ If you are writing one of them in Wikipedia and there is some help you need it's OK to ask.