Wikimedia Community of Talysh Language User Group

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Wikimedia Community of Talysh Language User Group
Affiliate codetly
Official language(s)Talysh
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Wikimedia Community of Talysh Language User Group (tly.Tolışə Zıvoni İştirokəkə Qrup Vikimedia İcmo) -


  • Developing Wikipedia in Talysh into most popular content portal of Talysh language Internet.
  • Growing other Wikimedia projects in Talysh language.
  • Supporting new generations of Talysh language Wikimedians, developing their skills with advice and experience sharing.
  • Promoting transfer of all knowledge in Talysh language under free licenses.


User group consist of active users who are interested in developing of Talysh wiki projects. To be a member of user group you are expected to be a regular contributor on at least one of the Wikimedia projects in Talysh language (or contribute to Meta/Commons in a way that support or benefit these projects).

Language for internal communication of this user group is Talysh but we report back to the foundation and the rest of the world in English.


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