Wikimedia Conference 2010/Developers' Workshop/Keysigning

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Because many people with a technical background will be at the meeting, a PGP-Keysigning would be a nice idea.

If you like to participate please add your nick and your key-id to the list. Then send your nick, your real-name, your key-id and the key-fingerprint to with your nick as subject. And don't forget to bring a identity card, a pass or a driving-licence to the meeting.

# Nick Key-ID DaB has mail
1 dab 2B255885 YES
2 Duesentrieb 08A0F14F, 6EF9D481 YES
3 Raymond B12BE7A6 YES
4 leafnode 3ABCB738 YES
5 Church of emacs BC60E43B no
6 User:Saper B0636ED9 no
7 acracia 881B3C2D YES
8 no

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