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Wikimedia Conference 2010/Developers' Workshop

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Developers' meeting 2004

TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/wmdev10

The Wikimedia Developer Workshop 2010 is held on April 14th-16th in Berlin, Germany, as part of the Wikimedia Conference 2010. The Workshop is for everyone interested in the technical aspects of contributing to Wikimedia projects. This includes Gadget development, Bot development, Toolserver applications, processing wiki dumps, and of course MediaWiki development (extension or core) and managing the Wikimedia servers.

Wikimedia Deutschland invites anyone interested to join the event. There's no fee, but places are limited, and registration is required. In exceptional cases (such as a single company sending 10 people) we reserve the right to reject registrations.



There will be a PGP keysigning session, please sign up!

edit schedule

See http://tinyurl.com/wmdev10cal for the schedule.

Only online schedule is now obsolete. Please look at our pretty wall for sessions. And have an eye on twitter for announcements. Have fun!

Don't forget: there's free food at zanox on thursday evening starting 7pm. We'll get to meet the chapter folks. Stick around for the fun.

On friday, there is the hacking lounge on the hostel boat. See you there for drinks, musik and wifi.

edit schedule


edit attendees

Official list of attendees:

First name Last name Nickname E-Mail
Lars Aronsson LA2
Simon Bachenberg sbachenberg simon(.)bachenberg(a)gesis(.)org
Asaf Bartov Ijon asaf(.)bartov(a)gmail(.)com
Eva-Maria Biedenbach
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason avar avarab(a)gmail(.)com
John Erling Blad jeblad jeblad(a)wikimedia(.)no
Joachim Bode achimbode achimbode(a)gmx(.)net
Finne Boonen henna hennar(a)gmail(.)com
Maciej Brencz macbre(a)wikia-inc(.)com
Pak San Chan Morgan morgand536(a)wikimedia(.)hk
Marcin Cieślak saper saper(a)saper(.)info
Danese Cooper Danese danese(a)wikimedia(.)org
Chun Cui ccui(a)informatik(.)uni-leipzig(.)de
Jeroen De Dauw JeroenDeDauw jeroendedauw(a)gmail(.)com
Tatiana de la O acracia acracia(a)riseup(.)net
Guillaume Duhamel Guillaume gduhamel(a)linterweb(.)fr
David Fichtmueller
Tomasz Finc tfinc(a)wikimedia(.)org
Philip Gabrielsen Flums philip(a)webcode(.)no
Lucas Garczewski TOR tor(a)wikia-inc(.)com
Andrew Garrett agarrett(a)wikimedia(.)org
Markus Glaser mglaser glaser(a)hallowelt(.)biz
Jonathan Gray jonathan(.)gray(a)okfn(.)org
Gregor Hagedorn g(.)m(.)hagedorn(a)gmail(.)com
Chad Horohoe ^demon innocentkiller(a)gmail(.)com
Robert Isele
Anja Jentzsch anjeve anja(a)anjeve(.)de
Jure Kajzer freakolowsky
Neil Kandalgaonkar NeilK
Roan Kattouw Catrope roan(.)kattouw(a)gmail(.)com
Daniel Kinzler Duesentrieb daniel(.)kinzler(a)wikimedia(.)de
Inez Korczyński korczynski(a)gmail(.)com
Markus Krötzsch markus(a)semantic-mediawiki(.)org
Leszek Krupiński Leafnode
Ryan Lane rlane(a)wikimedia(.)org
Pascal Martin pm27 pmartin(a)linterweb(.)fr
Siebrand Mazeland siebrand
Adam Miller
Erik Moeller emoeller(a)wikimedia(.)org
Felipe Ortega jfelipe jfelipe(a)libresoft(.)es
Moka Pantages moka(a)wikimedia(.)org
Trevor Parscal trevor(a)wikimedia(.)org
Guillaume Paumier guillom gpaumier(a)wikimedia(.)org
Emil Podlaszewski
Sam Reed Reedy sam(a)reedyboy(.)net
Patrick Sbrzesny patrick(.)sbrzesny(a)mindxchange(.)net
Maria Schiewe maria(.)schiewe(a)wikimedia(.)de
Manuel Schneider 80686
Frank Schulenburg Frank Schulenburg
Raimond Spekking Raymond raimond(.)spekking(a)gmail(.)com
Tim Starling
Robert Stojnic rainman
Hannes Tank flaxxen(a)googlemail(.)com
River Tarnell flyingparchment river(.)tarnell(a)wikimedia(.)de
Daniel Tester tester test(a)brightbyte(.)de
Bryan Tong Minh bryan(.)tongminh(a)gmail(.)com
Victor Vasiliev VasilievVV vasilvv(a)gmail(.)com
Brion Vibber
APPER apper(a)apper(.)de
Church of emacs church(.)of(.)emacs(.)ml(a)gmail(.)com
Danny B.

Former incomplete list:

  1. Reedy
  2. Catrope
  3. Chad
  4. freakolowsky
  5. Raymond
  6. Rainman
  7. Danny B.
  8. Church of emacs
  9. Bryan
  10. Siebrand
  11. brion
  12. Kolossos
  13. Jeroen De Dauw
  14. Mglaser
  15. NeilK
  16. Ijon
  17. Anja Jentzsch
  18. Robert Isele
  19. Heiko Hees
  20. Wikinaut
  21. Trevor Parscal
  22. Thomas7
  23. Eloquence
  24. Andrew Garrett
  25. DerHexer
  26. guillom
  27. Danese Cooper
  28. Sky Harbor
  29. Ryan Lane
  30. LA2
  31. Achim Bode
  32. Leafnode
  33. Seb35
  34. Maria Schiewe
  35. Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
  36. Howief
  37. Pete Forsyth (WMF)
  38. Felipe Ortega

This list is purely informational and likely to be incomplete.

Topic brainstorming[edit]

edit topics

Brainstorming Session Wednesday Morning[edit]

Below are on-paper suggested topics. For notes, please look at the #Notes section.

JS / Skin[edit]

  • wikibits -> jQuery migration (Roan/Trevor)
  • revised Skins (no HTML/PHP spaghetti!)
  • New Skin System / JS Skin API (Trevor)


  • improve Usability and Accessability
  • Usability of Commons, Upload form
  • Block Level In-Place Editing (Trevor)
  • MediaWiki i18n - leave it be or improve it?
  • Rich text editing (wikEd) / WYSIWYG (several times)
  • Commons Metadata & Search
  • Online Image Editing for Commons
  • File (picture) upload usability (LA2)
  • Video Collaboration - Division of labour among users with diffent skills (LA2)
  • Automatically render the <references />-block in the preview, if you edit a section of an article that has a <ref ... >-tag in it.


  • Dump HTML - for different filesystems with solution for Non-ASCII filenames
  • Wikipedia Offline (using WMF wikis without internet connectivity like "WikiReader" or "Wikipock" )
  • offline Wikipedia (data extraction and openZIM project "dump" file format): finishing ZIM integration for regular ZIM file export: roadmap ; MediaWiki extension for manual ZIM file export
  • Meta-Data Separation
  • Data-sets - what data can WMF make available for data mining

Bugs + Testing + Coding[edit]

  • Improved Process for Patch/Commit review & Deploymjent (Andrew)
  • Triage and Assignment (Andrew)
  • Easy output which bug is online/ fixed for WP, not just resolved/fixed in Bugzilla/MW/SVN
  • Automated Testing (Selenium, Unit, TDD)
  • Selenium (Ryan Lane)
  • Automated Tests (Selenium, etc.)

Structured Data[edit]

  • structured Data / Meta-Data
  • Data Reuse - API for preparsed output (XML) - Enable Semantic MW for authors (?), even if not queries
  • Metadata Export/Exchange
  • importances of using templates instead of tables for structured data (esp. in wikipedia)
  • Semantic Mediawiki
  • Benefits of a semantic Wikipedia
  • Semantic Web
  • Public Domain
  • Bibliographic Data
  • Integrating external Data-sources
  • automate collection and archival of references
  • Dynamic mashups with external sources
  • Automatic inclusion of external data like statistics
  • External archiving (pages cache of web)
  • Geo-tagging & maps (last year's topic) (LA2)
  • OpenStreetMap integration into Wikipedia
  • Mapping on Mediawiki (OSM Integration)
  • Usage of WP-coordinates, bring them to OSM (Kolossos)
  • OSM-Maps (Kolossos)

Services and Integration[edit]

  • API Query Pages (Roan) - 1b 14864
  • API
  • MediaWiki API Access / Extend
  • E-mail issues: privacy of mail addresses (wiki mailer); E-mail notification enabling problems, bugs
  • RC Feed via XMPP
  • Admin control panels -> config and plugins
  • Central Notice System
  • recent changes stream for bots / analysers
  • Mediawiki Visual/Dynamic Configuratio
  • OpenID/OAuth for wikimedia sites (Ryan Lane)
  • changes in 1.16, lesser globals? new way to store settings?

Participation & Contribution[edit]

  • Wikimedia projects on Mobile - how to enable participation for contributions (tomasz)
  • Social User to User Projects
  • Synergies between Wikipedia and ohter mediawiki users
  • User "Rating" of pages ****
  • Reader to editor conversion | editor onboarding
  • Image Rating (with stars or so ...)
  • Systems for Quality, assurance and verification

DB internals[edit]

  • Better Systems for Logging of Administrator Actions (New Logging Table) (Andrew)
  • BigDelete/Archive Table Overhaul (Roan/Chad)
  • "Collation" issues (sorting orders by diffent locales) - categories, page names
  • Deletion with MediaWiki (Classic vs. RevDel)
  • Making default search not suck


  • AutoWikiFier (to wikify (semi-) automatically)
  • Conversion Wikitext to ODT, PDF, ...
  • Parser and Built-in scripts (Victor)
  • Parser
  • Parsing WikiCode Best Practices (without $wgParser)
  • working JavaScript Wikicode Parser in WikEd)


  • Hacking Days in Gdansk
  • Google Summer of Code Prioritizing Session (Roan/Danese)
  • What are you working on? Tell me your Extension (Danese)
  • GSOC for mentors (Kolossos)
  • The future of Wikimedia Foundation Technology Dept (Danese)
  • Support exchange of experiance and new methods (LA2)
  • GSOC proposal assessment session (mentors only) (Siebrand)


  • a good free OCR for WikiBooks
  • $wgRCPatrol
  • new Installer (Chad)
  • supporting 3rd-party MW users



edit notes

Notes from different sessions.

Day 1 (Wednesday)[edit]

Usability experience (UX)[edit]

  • wysiwyg editing - Trevor showed his prototype of splitting wikitext into block, so separated visual edit tools (e.g. normal text, bulletins, templates etc) would be developed
  • the "other" wysiwyg editor from wikia (CKEditor) - showed mini-editors for templates and images. Full presentation at 4pm today.
  • the third wysiwyg editor (Wikied) - JavaScript parser - for power users, available as Gadget on en.wp. Works best on firefox, works on webkits and opera 10 (with some bugs), almost works on IE.
  • Agenda for the afternoon: dialogs, skins, commons UI

Structured Data[edit]

  • Live notes at /Strucured Data.
  • First session after lunch will be about Using MW templates for managing structured data (do we need better declarations of template parameters? datatypes? data extraction from templates, ...)
  • The other main topic of the group is Data import/re-use from external sources (live import vs. data integration, caching, push vs. pull, versioning issues, trust and provenance)
  • Both of these main topics may lead to technical implications re MW (extension) development (storage backend, parser, ...)


  • Worked on Priority Ranking for Google Summer of Code proposals since we have a deadline one week away to fine-tune to make sure most promising proposals are accepted. Notes available at /OrganizationWorkingGroup
  • We'll be meeting again tomorrow to work through the rest of the topics we'd identified.

Wrapup Notes[edit]

Day 2 (Thursday)[edit]


  • presentation on WAI-ARIA as one means for better accessibility (slides available)


  • Picked up the rest of the topics queued for discussion during Day 1, including: Bug Triage, Volunteer Developer Outreach, Expansion of QA, Verson Control, Code Review / Patch Management. Notes at /OrganizationWorkingGroup have been updated.


  • Women at the event met over lunch on the second day to discuss the state of gender diversity in Wikimedia. Notes at /WikiWomen

Meta-data search[edit]

Wrapup Notes[edit]