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Pre Workshop Brainstorming[edit]

Informal list of things we can maybe cover. Of course we'll have brainstorming sessions once we all arrive, but this list serves as a place to just jot ideas for now (so you don't forget them in a month).

  • New-installer/schema abstraction
  • "Support collation by a certain locale (sorting order of characters)" in all pages list and when listing categories. Trying to find a sustainable solution for localized sort orders for i) new wiki installations ii) when upgrading
  • Developing a framework for libraries of the world and others to obtain subscriptions (with ISBN number) of yearly snapshots of WMF wikis including images[1] e.g. in form of Blu-ray disks or harddisks (background: WMF wikis as prior art with publication dates beyond any doubt)
  • Developing an enhanced extension of DumpHTML which allows to store MediaWiki dumps including images on different filesystems (Linux, Windows, CD/DVD ISO) with solution for "non-ASCII" filenames
  • Develop someting like Collection, but then to create image packs.
  • Follow up to the metadata discussion started in Paris.
  • discussing the migration from wikibits.js et al. to jQuery.
  • Testing user interface with Selenium
  • NeilK will have some new multimedia upload interfaces to demo; feedback welcome
  • Overhaul of the deletion schema
    • Make bigdeletes less of an intensive process
    • Retain integrity on deleted revisions (bug 18104[1] (links from mw m w))
    • Deprecate the archive table?
  • Discuss possible OpenID/OAuth implementation for Wikimedia sites
  • I'm still looking for someone to maintain or re-write FlickrLickr, a Flickr photo review tool that has been used to upload more than 10,000 CC-BY photos to Commons.--Eloquence 21:33, 19 March 2010 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Trevor Parscal will have lots of user experience stuff to talk about.
  • What going on: Wikimedia-OpenStreetMap cooperation? Do some concrete things.
    • Who is interested to make a map session?
  • Support for ZoomViewer-Gadget (viewer for huge images on commons)
  • Easter eggs!
  • Better communication workflow for upcoming sitechanges/software updates etc.
  • Central notice system
  • finishing ZIM integration for regular ZIM file export (see
  • Using Access-Control-Allow-Origin to add SUL autologin to * wikis on browsers that support it, see [2]
  • Find a way to maintain Commonist and improved it (date and geocoords from exif-datas, more options, ...).
  • Talk about GSoC this year
  • Someone needs to improve the basic search on commons - search for licenses and metadata (even before any larger-scale rewrite)
  • More


  1. images with licenses suited for worldwide distribution