Wikimedia Conference 2010/Developers' Workshop/Topic brainstorms

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Brainstorming Session Wednesday Morning[edit]

Below are on-paper suggested topics. For notes, please look at the #Notes section.

JS / Skin[edit]

  • wikibits -> jQuery migration (Roan/Trevor)
  • revised Skins (no HTML/PHP spaghetti!)
  • New Skin System / JS Skin API (Trevor)


  • improve Usability and Accessability
  • Usability of Commons, Upload form
  • Block Level In-Place Editing (Trevor)
  • MediaWiki i18n - leave it be or improve it?
  • Rich text editing (wikEd) / WYSIWYG (several times)
  • Commons Metadata & Search
  • Online Image Editing for Commons
  • File (picture) upload usability (LA2)
  • Video Collaboration - Division of labour among users with diffent skills (LA2)
  • Automatically render the <references />-block in the preview, if you edit a section of an article that has a <ref ... >-tag in it.


  • Dump HTML - for different filesystems with solution for Non-ASCII filenames
  • Wikipedia Offline (using WMF wikis without internet connectivity like "WikiReader" or "Wikipock" )
  • offline Wikipedia (data extraction and openZIM project "dump" file format): finishing ZIM integration for regular ZIM file export: roadmap ; MediaWiki extension for manual ZIM file export
  • Meta-Data Separation
  • Data-sets - what data can WMF make available for data mining

Bugs + Testing + Coding[edit]

  • Improved Process for Patch/Commit review & Deploymjent (Andrew)
  • Triage and Assignment (Andrew)
  • Easy output which bug is online/ fixed for WP, not just resolved/fixed in Bugzilla/MW/SVN
  • Automated Testing (Selenium, Unit, TDD)
  • Selenium (Ryan Lane)
  • Automated Tests (Selenium, etc.)

Structured Data[edit]

  • structured Data / Meta-Data
  • Data Reuse - API for preparsed output (XML) - Enable Semantic MW for authors (?), even if not queries
  • Metadata Export/Exchange
  • importances of using templates instead of tables for structured data (esp. in wikipedia)
  • Semantic Mediawiki
  • Benefits of a semantic Wikipedia
  • Semantic Web
  • Public Domain
  • Bibliographic Data
  • Integrating external Data-sources
  • automate collection and archival of references
  • Dynamic mashups with external sources
  • Automatic inclusion of external data like statistics
  • External archiving (pages cache of web)
  • Geo-tagging & maps (last year's topic) (LA2)
  • OpenStreetMap integration into Wikipedia
  • Mapping on Mediawiki (OSM Integration)
  • Usage of WP-coordinates, bring them to OSM (Kolossos)
  • OSM-Maps (Kolossos)

Services and Integration[edit]

  • API Query Pages (Roan) - 1b 14864
  • API
  • MediaWiki API Access / Extend
  • E-mail issues: privacy of mail addresses (wiki mailer); E-mail notification enabling problems, bugs
  • RC Feed via XMPP
  • Admin control panels -> config and plugins
  • Central Notice System
  • recent changes stream for bots / analysers
  • Mediawiki Visual/Dynamic Configuratio
  • OpenID/OAuth for wikimedia sites (Ryan Lane)
  • changes in 1.16, lesser globals? new way to store settings?

Participation & Contribution[edit]

  • Wikimedia projects on Mobile - how to enable participation for contributions (tomasz)
  • Social User to User Projects
  • Synergies between Wikipedia and ohter mediawiki users
  • User "Rating" of pages ****
  • Reader to editor conversion | editor onboarding
  • Image Rating (with stars or so ...)
  • Systems for Quality, assurance and verification

DB internals[edit]

  • Better Systems for Logging of Administrator Actions (New Logging Table) (Andrew)
  • BigDelete/Archive Table Overhaul (Roan/Chad)
  • "Collation" issues (sorting orders by diffent locales) - categories, page names
  • Deletion with MediaWiki (Classic vs. RevDel)
  • Making default search not suck


  • AutoWikiFier (to wikify (semi-) automatically)
  • Conversion Wikitext to ODT, PDF, ...
  • Parser and Built-in scripts (Victor)
  • Parser
  • Parsing WikiCode Best Practices (without $wgParser)
  • working JavaScript Wikicode Parser in WikEd)


  • Hacking Days in Gdansk
  • Google Summer of Code Prioritizing Session (Roan/Danese)
  • What are you working on? Tell me your Extension (Danese)
  • GSOC for mentors (Kolossos)
  • The future of Wikimedia Foundation Technology Dept (Danese)
  • Support exchange of experiance and new methods (LA2)
  • GSOC proposal assessment session (mentors only) (Siebrand)


  • a good free OCR for WikiBooks
  • $wgRCPatrol
  • new Installer (Chad)
  • supporting 3rd-party MW users