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Wikimedia conference 2013 State of the movement (aka State of the chapters).

Pictures and presentations can be viewed at commons:category:Wikimedia Conference 2013 Presentations commons:category:State of the chapters 2013 THREE minutes per presentation - not more!

Wikimedia Armenia (AM)[edit]

Presenter: Susanna MrkatchyanHide

Received recognition as chapter last month. Started to work towards recognition as chapter, against skepticism in Armenia, but made commitment that everyone in Armenia should know about Wikimedia projects, and understand about editing. Plan was to train teachers and lecturers and scholars, involve wikiprojects during learning process.

Achieved some things but not all these things. Organised first Armenian conference, which was successful. Team became more collaborative after conference, made it easier to continue with the plan. Worked with the authorities, but didn't achieve much at first. Now that they are recognized, it be easier. Managed to lobby to allow freedom of panorama: 1st former Soviet republic to achieve that. Authorities have offered a venue for the Wiki club.

Wikimedia Deutschland @WikimediaDE[edit]

WMDE has more than 5000 members, 50 FTE staff members. Slides contain financial details.

New wiki developed: Wikidata!!

Successful fundraising with German "faces".

New office became a place ofr meetups - House of Free Knowledge planned.

Annual plan under evaluation by staff units and international activities. Focusing on EU projects, Glam etc.

Spending more than 1MM EUR to support community, Wikidata, Conferences, Technical develpment, etc.

Wikimedia Argentina (AR), @wikimedia_ar[edit]

Presenter: Osmar Valdebenito


  • Wikipedia in the classroom:in Guarani language, the first WM document in an indigenous language

Education strategy UNC agreement

Glam: Editathon in bicentennial museum Engaging with new institutions: tookpart in 4th LatamGLam summi, reaching different institutions.

Do-it-yourself scanners on loan to universities for uploading documents under free licenses.

WLM: >6000 images

Professionalization: hired 2nd employee to improve communications towards WM and press Tutoring program Accountability and reports

Challenges: Growing pains: e.g. role of board and staff Bureaucracy: Community participation

Sustainable growth Iberocoop

Wikimedia Österreich (AT), @WikimediaAT[edit]

Presenter: Claudia & ?

Successfully applied for FDC round 1; expect more funds from other sources.

Estabblished strategy process volunteer-based -> staff support.

Established Vienna office (previously in Graz)

Strategic cooperations (AUS federal chancellery: open govt. data, Federal Monuments Office, Academy of Sciences)

Community projects: WikiCon 2012: German-speaking chapters meeting Photo projects (12.5k photos sponsored by WMAT: sponsoring high-quality photo equipment. Another 12.5k on top of thisfrom WLM.)

Zedler Preis 2012 winners for WLM and Monument list project)

Wikimedia Canada (CA) @WikimediaCA[edit]

Projects: Including

  • Montreal fine arts museum: Public domain pictures of art
  • Contribution day (like an editathon) on Jean Talon. Scanned 10 high quality pictures, including historical documents.
  • Meeting: 15 cities across Canada collaborating - learning and teaching editing
  • Sports team press credentials are hard to get, but got some.
  • Former president was a doctor, so had conference to show importance of WM in medicine
  • Astrophysics education project.
  • Wikipedias in First Peoples languages

Associació Amical Viquipèdia[edit]

Catalan language and culture.

5 years old. Members from several countries; 700+ supporters in Meta.

GLAM director: Kippelboy


  • Miró edit-a-thon (35 consecutive hours) in Barcelona
  • 3 Wikipedians in Residence
  • Libraries work
  • Archives coming soon

Education: Viquifabricació (Wikimanufacturing) Vicimodernisme Other projects

Open data Elderly people WLM (30k+ pictures)

Want to collaborate with other similar groups. Love Catalan and Wiki.

Wikimedia CH (CH) @WikimediaCH[edit]

4 National languages Regional variations of languages 22% of population is from other countries

Chapter founded in 2006 238 members 100% increase in last 5 months, in fact as a consequence of the Fundraising.

Budget around 600k CHF (100% increase in one year)

6 board members (mix of French, German, Swiss French, Swiss German, Swiss Italian)

Staff: under 10, some still to be recruited.

Projects: Community support GLAM Free content, Supporting other movements

Wikipedia in Science conference

Digitizing herbarium with university: 20% done by students, rest by paid temporary staff. Some funding came from Swiss lottery.

Challenges: Need time Time to answer to requests from partners, Time to work with volunteers? volunteers time is not infinite. More time.

Wikimedia Chile (CL) @wikimedia_cl[edit]

Presenter: Eduardo & Marco

Recognized as chapter by WMF in 2011 and Chile in 2012

First general meeting

Part of Iberocoop: a founder member.

Organised Wikimedia ibero-American summit 2012:

WLM Chile: 4083 pictures from 330 users.

Award ceremony in GAM cultural center. Did first Chile Editathon in the same venue.

Will have 2nd general assembly, increase user base, professionalize chapter: not only contracting staff, but keeping movement healthy and stable.

Wikimedia Česká republika (CZ)[edit]

Wikimedia Danmark (DK) @wikimediaDK[edit]

Presenter: Simon

Board of 6 - they do all the work. 2012 in Natl Museum (10 year celebration)

11 Wikiwednesdays Wikipedia:WikiWednesday/2012

Photoshoot at open air museum: part of Danish Natl Museum

Also at Brede Works: Industrial/cultural museum.

FSCANS in Gothenburg with WMSE.

Networking, talks/workshops, published 2011 yearbook

Wikimedia District of Columbia (US-DC) @WikimediaDC[edit]

Presenter: Kiril Lokshin

Founded May 2011 48 members (40% renewal rate) 20-30 attendees at events.

Budget around 20k USD per year.. About 60% from grants program

Wikimania 2012 WLM USA 2012: 22k photos; exhibited ant Press Club

glam outreach: Smithsonian; Library of Congress; Walters [what]

Expand out reach within and outside GLAM

Solicit more3 free content(targeting 2 major donations) Build more active local community (social and informal editing; grow to 150+ members) Support movement growth accross US, including supporting new and planned chapters and thematic orgs.

Wikimedia Italy[edit]

Presenter: Andrea Zanni (Aubrey)

The association is 8 years old, and the board has been almost the same for three years (why change a winning team?).

Staff: 5 people (secretary, trainee fundraiser, project manager, sponsorship manager, conference organiser). Office in Monza (since April 2012).

471 members as of December 2012.

Main projects:

  • WLM - it took a lot of effort, mainly because Italian laws make it difficult.
  • Archeowiki
  • projects with schools, in Lombardia ("Autori in Wikipedia"), in Veneto ("Veneto in Wikipedia"), in Toscana ("Crescere che avventura"), in Torino ("Dai una voce alla democrazia")
  • Wikiwomen's collaborative
  • libraries (a dedicated mailing list, joint project with the American ambassy, a meetup during the main Italian library conference)
  • open access (a dedicated mailing list)
  • ...and this Wikimedia Conference! (the first and the last)

Wikimedia Italia did not partecipate at the FDC, nor will in the foreseable future (also for legal reasons). In 2012, WMI raised 90 k€ and spent 150 k€ (since too much money was saved in the past), In 2013, WMI plans to spend 500 k€ and to raise a bit less (the difference will be covered with past savings, as in 2013). Note that more than in these figures about 100 k€ are due to the Wikimedia Conference (which is 80-90% paid by WMF and WM DE).

Wiki Education Foundation[edit]

Presenter: User:Pharos (Richard)

  • Planned thematic org
  • Classes in universities: about Science, english, writing, etc. Write on Wikipedia for term papers.
  • Campus ambassadors, regional ambassadors,
  • Projects run by WMF, with grants. Want to spin off as independent non-profit. Have interim board and new by-laws in preparation.
  • Want to be active in more schools and universities: want to address issues, such as plagiarism, etc.

Want to publish Journal of Wikipedia Studies.

Wikimedia Eesti (EE)[edit]

Presenter: Raul Veede

Founded in 2010 31 members 10k€ grant

10th birthday of Eesti Wikipedia, and 100k articles. WLM 2012: 2.6k pics; traveling exhibition. Science photo competition: 267 pics Translation bee: 56 translators, 139 articles, 13 languages. Expedition to Latvia: over 2k pics Tartupeedia (QRpedia city project) Town of 100k people.

Plans: Freedom of Panorama Digitization project with Ministry of Culture Education program with Ministry of Education. Professionalization: comms, finances, etc.

Wikimedia España (ES)[edit]

Miguel & Santi from WMES

Thought chapter would be easy road to goal, but found problems along the way. Worked together to build strong team; rebuild chapter.

Doing University projects and workshops Sponsored Free Software projects Doing GLAM Editathon with Mexico Museums: QR Codes Film Festival Courses for Librarians Photography at events WLM: Wrote a paper about WLM; also got many great photos: 25% of top 20

Working with ???


Former Secretary caused problems, now solved.

Wikimedia Suomi (FI)[edit]

Presenter: Nicklas

More than 40 members.

New board members

No expenses

Overnight editing event in Kiasma

Won prize for Future of Finnish language

GLAM event in Ateneum art museum

Connecting experienced Wikipedia editors with museums

Maps: Wikimaps - collecting and scanning old maps.

Wikimédia France (FR)[edit]

Presenter: Christophe Henner

"The Spy who Loved me"

WM FR office starting soon: Prison ;-]

Situtaion with security situation was handled well: Journalists understood difference between WMFR, WMF, and WP.

Hiring new ED soon.

Won POTY contest!!! Beat NASA!! (picture was from a museum in France, actively supported by WMFR)

Afripedia: providing Wikipedia offline access in Africa, collaboration with Swiss Kiwix

Wikimedia UK (UK)[edit]

Presenter: John Davies [sp?]

Wireless and welcome in London!

86-87 regular volunteers: want to double that.

Have staff - GLAMwiki was organised by [Dari?]

Ada Lovelace Day. Great publicity about Women editing Wikipedia.

EduWiki Conference was previously aimed at Univ, now at schools.

Glam-Wiki 2013 should continue, not necessarily in UK.

Digital Disruption project: talking to kids about digital literacy.

Jimmy came to talk to press in UK to explain WM to them.

Teach volunteers to talk to media.

Teach people to edit (and how to train others)

Passionate about GLAMs, take over cities.

Support other Wikimedians.

Wikimedia Hong Kong (HK)[edit]

Presenter: Jerry and [who]

Not on board of WMHK: one of the supervisors. Also working on Wikimania.

General manager of Wikimania: It's going to be awesome.

Wikimania took up most of their time, but also:

Education programme: Liberal studies toolkit

Extending Education Program:

  • Universities (writing articles as assignments)
  • Middle Schools - helping disadvantaged students to get online.

GLAM: museums aren't very interested! WLM.

State of the movement II[edit]

Wikimédia Magyarország (HU)[edit]


Founded in Nov 2008 62 members 58k USD 4-5k from local fundraising

Structure of org like republic:

  • President acts as representative body: signs contracts etc.
  • Executive vp is practical leader
  • VP for finance, GLAM, Comms
  • Officemanager handles bureaucracy (like "ministry")

Restructured in Dec 2012:

  • Assigned tasks to two board members


  • Burnout,
  • some tasks not being done
  • first part-time employee (former executive VP) had unclear relation to the board and didn't make turnover easy.


  • Had one at university, but didn't work properly: only open when university was open
  • Rented one (done in person by the board)


  • Inside and outside Hungary
  • WLM failed due to government restructuring of the related fields
  • Photowalks


  • Writing competitions and stuff?


  • New board delegated this to one member.

Wikimedia Indonesia (ID)[edit]


  • General assembly in Dec attended by 19 out of 46 members
  • Elected new board of trustees and chair


  • Cooperation with 6 universities
  • In Javanese and [what other lang?]
  • Javanese has 80 MM speakers?
  • Supported by grants from WMFR and WMCH
  • had traditional dance to explain Wikipedia!
  • Interview with radio station
  • Editathon in cooperation with WMAUS
  • Language camp in cooperation with WMAUS
    • To discuss creation of WP in indonesian language, to help support creation of wikipedias in Australian languages.

Wikimedia India (IN)[edit]

Presenter: Kartik & Studinski

  • Formed new SIGs
  • Founder board members handed over to new board
  • Hired first employee: executive manager
  • completed bootstrap grant
  • Wiki Sangamotsavam & Malayalam Wikipedia 10th anniversary
  • Bangalore 50th meetup
  • WLM 2012: India had the winning photo!!!
  • Women's History Month
  • Creative Commons Workshops
  • Gujurati Wikisource anniversary


  • Orangise another WikiConference India
  • Language specific events
  • Academic converence
  • WLM: take it to the next level
  • Start a Wikipedian in Residence progbram
  • Increase membership and include more communities
  • Build up an office.


  • Burnout etc.

Wiki Project Med[edit]

Presenter: Bryan Baisden [sp?]

  • Want the sum of all med knowledge to be available to everyone online inb the langage of their choosing
  • About 12 members from various countries.
  • Collaborate with UCSF med school: editing sessions, met with curriculum developer and dean.
  • UCSF will assign students editing projects as part of curriculum
  • Publish in med journal! This will be a first.
  • Contact with NIH and other govt orgs
  • Collaboration with Cochrane foundation to improve content

Way forward:

  • Find ways to engage with other languages
  • Engage interested editors: explain what's in it for them.

Wikimedia Macedonia (MK)[edit]

Presenter: Grozdansky

Founded in 2009, recognized in 2010 15 members, no membership fee 0 USD budget. Need some funds (about €500) to keep alive: formal requirements.

Education program: "Wikipedia in your school" Presented to teachers in secondary schools, 2 - 3 people per school. Have workshops in schools to explain how to edit (create accounts, edit pics, etc) Some schools exstablish school wiki-clubs under teacher supervision. Some shcools started their own wiki-projects: build list of articles and create content

"Wikipedia in your university" Signed memo of understanding in 2 faculties Gave lecture to students and professors.

Wikipedia and Citizens Public internet clubs: collaboration with about 40 clubs Teach basics of Wikipedia Hope they will return as editors.

GLAM Collaboration with natl library and government MK Govt wants to work with WMMK Collaboration with WM Ukraine

Wikimedia Mexico (MX)[edit]

11.25-30. Presenter: Ivay Martínez and Salvador Alcántar

Governance: Recognized as non-profit by Mexican authorities in 2013! Now Wikimedia México A.C.

Good social media connection: Facebook 1.8k likes; Twitter: 2k followers!

Lan party Mexico Talk with 1500 attendees

Workshop of Wikipedia to 150 teachers of UNAM

Talks and workshops: UNAM Puebla El Colegio de Mexico

Held 8 editathons! Including Mayan language, collaboration with Mozilla México Intercontinental Iberocoop editathon with WMES We held the first edit-a-thon of Wikivoyage

WLM: Over 10k photos! First time they took part Best Latam entry

  • Wiki goes to radio: begin co-production of "Moebius", a radio program on Ibero 90.9, radio station in Mexico City.
  • DIY scanner in UNAM advised by Wikimedia Argentina.

Wikimedia Nederland (NL)[edit]

11.21-24.30. Presenter: Ziko van Dijk

Structure, not activities (see the reports for those). 2012 has been an important year and successful, but lots of work. Had to hire staff in 2010, the board was overwhelmed: reorganised, got better focus, spent better, grew members. Hired Sandra Rientjes (executive director) in 2012. Will have 3.4 FTE working for the chapter in 2013 Burnout: lost board members. Reduced and restructured board meetings.

Decided strategy 2013-15 in 2012. Makes writing annual plans easier.

Wikimedia Israel (IL)[edit]

10.18 (proprietary software booooooo). 10.30-35. Presenter: Itzik Edri

  • New and first ED, Dorit.
  • Israeli govt releases (war?) photos under free license for public use
    • Had to lobby hard for this, and managed to change copyright law. All photos published online by the govt from now will be under a free license.
  • Wiki Air in collaboration with Israeli General Association of General Aviation to get aerial phots.
  • WLM: First time; gave photo workshops, free tours, etc. About 400 people got free guided tours, and uploaded photos.
    • Now have list of monuments in Israel, done by volunteers.
  • Glam-wiki projects in collaboration with universities and societies.

Wikimedia Nepal (NP)[edit]

10.36-40. Presenter: Ganesh

Not yet recognized: in process of affiliation. 123 languages in Nepal, but Nepali is Lingua Franca. 5 existing projects, but also work on sanskrit. Incubator: 7 langs

Nepali is a pioneer Indic Language WP: started in 2002 [...and more wikipedia milestones].

Wiki-wistar ("expansion") Editathons, outreach programs, etc.

Had 4 chapter meetings, 5 meetings with other communities, etc.

Wiki-Women initiative Nepal in Int'l Women's Month Started by one woman who now has 9 contributors, 200 articles edited. Focussing on gender-issues and women's issues articles.


  • Affiliation
  • Android input method editor (for people without nepali keyboard)
  • [and more...]

Wikimedia New York City (US-NYC)[edit]

10.42-46. Presenter: Richard User:Pharos

Wikimania 2012: took Manhattan, did WikNic

GLAM, education, Library work, Editathons across USA, Wiki Gangs of New York, Film History; NY Library of Public Arts, Editathons in Princeton and Barnard, Wikipedians in Residence in NYC

WikiEd foundation: forming soon in USA. Education foundation working with libraries etc.

Conferences on Wikipedia Day. Will have National Wikiconference next year. Start in NYC and then rotate around country.

Challenge is to work well with all the institutions.

Wikimedia Philippines (PH)[edit]

10.46-50. Presenter: Josh (un)Lim(ited)

Some visas were denied, so he's the only one present.

Founded in 2010: 27th chapter. Have nearly 100 members in 2013.

More new members outside Manila, so good geographic spread - more than half of the members are still in Manila, but new growth is national.

About 20k USD budget in 2012. Kept admin expenses under control, and they're well under 30 % limit by law.

Expanded board of trustees to 9 from 7.


WLM 2012: Over 300 participants, 2.7k photos. Good closing dinner.

Organised first Philippine WikiConf complete with tracks.

Open Web Day in partnership with Mozilla PHillipines.

Experimenting with decentralised chapter model.

Strat plan 2013-18 being drafted (required by law)

Celebrating 10th anniversary this year.

Wikimedia Polska (PL)[edit]

10.51-55. Presenter: Polimerek/Tomasz.

Established in 2005, tax deductable status 2007, over 100 members, 1.5 FTE employees Budget around 150k €, 99 % from 800 people contributing 1 % income tax, nothing from WMF.

Wikiexpedition: 3 ×, 12 participants, around 7k pics

WLM: 600 participants, 50k pics (top 1)

Used a camper van for one group

First "serious" cooperation, with Archivum Patriae: 2 participants, 1.3k high quality scans of historical docs.


  • POTY and WLM exhibitions (people can apply to host)
  • NGO zone at Open'Er festival
  • Aktywny 50+: exhibitions booth - around 1k elderly (50<) visitors
  • Meetings, conferences, workshops, supporting international meetings

Wikimedia Portugal (PT)[edit]

Presenter: Gonçalo

  • Dark year!

Cancelled 2012 WLM, despite 2011 successful WLM. Due to burnout, organisational issues. Some ideas, but little action for other activities.

Troubles: How to revitalise chapter?

  • Finding new members
  • Low activity of current members
  • Bureaucracy and budget
  • Participation and fundraising

Here at WMConf to find ideas to revitalise. Have found some good ideas

Wikimedia Russia (RU)[edit]

10.58-11.01. Presenter: ?

No funding from abroad allowed while lobbying? Achievements: Helped to block some bad laws. (age marks for all sites, etc.) Participating to legislative committees (Duma hearings). Amendments to russian civil code:

Courses and lectures

Prizes and awards

Wikimedia Slovenská republika (SK)[edit]

11.02-06. Presenter: Michal/KuboF.

  • In the process of being recognized.
  • WLM: >700 photos, did bare minimum with help of Austria.
  • WP workshop with 2 groups (help from CZ,PL,AT)
  • squatted!

Helped to publish offline version of Esperanto Wikipedia. Collaboration with OSM


  • CEE Wikimedias meeting 2013: Grasz in November
  • WLM 2013: hope to do better.
  • Get chapter formalized, strat plan, etc.

Wikimedia Serbia (RS)[edit]

11.06-09. Presenter: Filip (with Goran and Mile).

  • One of the oldest chapters (#5), have had over 200 meetings since 2005
  • hosted regional conferences
  • Cooperations with many orgs
   2012: Glamconf
   CEE Conf
   Wiki Loves Science (December)
   GLAM cooperations
  • First Office (Nov: Belgrade) and employee (MiIe)
    • got over €50k grant from GAC

Admin and bureaucracy 10 planned projects Arab Wiktionary project: 1001 Arabic Words (+6 % articles) Editathons

Wikivoyage e.V.[edit]

11.10-13. Presenter: Stefan

Thanks to WM movement for adopting orphaned communities!

  • 12 members. Applying for thematic org approval.
  • Bylaws allow annual gatherings to be online, even board meetings. Accepted by German law. Facilitates global participation.

Projects: Collaboration with Wikibooks, can work with wikidata and wiktionary. Created map of all their articles: layer on OSM? All their info should also go to Wikidata in future.

Wikimedia Česká republika (CZ)[edit]

11.15-20. Presenter: Aktron.

Founded in 2008, started work in 2010. About 40 members. Slow growth. Most live in big cities.

  • Promoted wikiprojects mainly with booths at fairs and exhibitions, annual conferences only later.
    • 4 wikiconferences so far in Prague
  • Successful microgranting system
    • Mediagrants to Czech contributors
    • photos for commons, including countryside, industrial objects, etc.
    • Good spending tracking system
  • Published own book
  • GLAM participation
    • e.g. largest nativity scene musem in the world
  • Wikipedia writing contest
    • Having students write on Wikipedia etc.

Press releases and media communication

Postcard from Greece[edit]

Asaf: from WMF. Visited Greek community.

Greek Wikipedia: don't yet have chapter or user group, working on it. €0 budget at the moment, but worried about what effect funding will have on their movement

87k articles in Greek 40 very active editors about 250 active editors

WP in Education: tech nuversity in Thessaloniki is active wikipedian and has introduced program.

Outreach: intro talks at various occasions, including 12 meeting series in Athens Great Musical Library CLAM: talkingto Great Musical Library and General State Archive. Will progbably host a Wikipedian in residence.

Face pressure internally as well as external politics: and political issues (the greek nazi party?) spill into wiki. Have a problem with a non-profit misusing the brand. Were giving low quality and misleading info: this problem should now be resolved.

State of the movement III[edit]



Community support[edit]

Technology loans Book fair in Gothenburg Editathons Community driven projects (scanning, photo hunts, monument hunts, etc.) Aerial photos published with permission of defense dept.


Education of teache3rs and GLAM employees Meetings with educational institutions Teaching teachershow to use3 wiki in class


Grown from 0 to 6 employees in 1 year (secretary, managers, financial admin, technician, CEO)


Presenter: Ziko

Esperanto users group

Esperanto wikipedia started in 2001 (very early!)

Applied to become first user group along with Wikimedia people

Esperanto movement worldwide has a similar structure to Wikimedia movement, also having thematic orgs and cooperating organisations.

We can work well with Esperanto people: they have similar interests to us.


Presenter: Dennis

Second term of board in 2012. Budget around 2k USD.

Autumn meet-up:

  • Review writing
  • Writing camp (second Saturday of each month) helping editors with their editing issues.

Education project in University

  • Writing articles about the university...

WLM in Taiwan:

  • Community is interested, but few want to hold it.
  • Many people outside the movement wanted to help.

Other projects:

  • Localwiki
  • Other GLAM projects

Future: How to avoid collapse?



Education program

Wikiexpeditions :

  • Chernobyl
  • bike expeditions.

Wiki Loves Earth

WLM very successful

Music outreach program including Digitizing wax cylinders


Presenter: Recognised in 2011, registered in 2012 Work with indigenous langagues (Wayuunaiki: translating MediaWiki) First Encyclopedia of Venezuela using Kiwix. Applied for start-up grant; not approved.

Want to get grant, grow members, etc.

South Africa[edit]

Presenter: David Richfield New chapter with some successful projects Want to do:

  • JoburgpediA
  • Regional conference
  • Wikimania bid


Thanks to Ashley von Häften Problems:

  • Limited participation
  • Incompatible expectations

Action teams

  • Voice (Outreach)
  • Advice (peer review; chapters exchange)
  • Research (Chapters manual)