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11 Learning, development and training in Wikimedia movement organisations


Session to share best practises in the past. Chris tells about his story, taking part in a training session.

exchange part[edit]

Five minutes, talk to your neighbor: Whats is your board spending time on?


  • telling from a workshop
  • hide burn out, expection of board members is very high
  • discussion becomes fastly politcal
  • huge differnce between the expections of the different chapters
  • it came out: [] is a good concemt for affiliations to come together, shows aims how to become more diversity in the discussion


  • the board is electric
  • different approches to gov
  • concentrate on a kind of assessment
  • what is important for boards?
  • boards want to have some outtcome, wants to do big things
  • but they don't have the time for this
  • boards should all the time try to be more effective
  • how to have mor fun? eat enough, sleep enough
How does the WMF Board do?
  • taking care
  • listening to people who have experiences
  • cut them down or let them grow
  • There are three main points, what we do, when we talk about ourselfs
    1. assessment of the entire board
    2. assessment individual board members
    3. support individual learning
  • see the board as a body
  • Ask yourself: what should be the outcome?
  • make clear the relationship between board and staff!
  • are there guidelines? which?
  • where is the right place to put your nose, don't do the work of the staff!
  • => it sounds beautiful, but it is difficult
  • remeber we have different people with different approaches
  • think often about the aim of you board!
  • do surveys to collect informations about the thinkings of others in look of your work
  • in the done survey every board member gots its own answers of the survey

Q: relationship between the board and the assessment - tell more about the survey A: it takles several parts of board


Ask yourselfes: How do you and your Board work?

  1. defining a streategy
  2. managing working with stuff
  3. improive governance
  4. avoiding burn out to its members
Aim is a closer idea what support people need.
  • People should discuss in 5 minutes, what your board needs to do a better job.
  • people diskussion in 5 well mixed groups a 6-8 persons

List of need for development a chapter

  • introduce people in the culture of th movement, teach them
  • help how to access funds if needed (and development practises)
  • charity law support
  • manage internal and external communication
  • keep in active and involve people
  • design decision-making
  • make processes to be more efficient
Whos job is it, to develop this?
  • there is a board workshop on meta (--> Boards training workshop March 2014)
  • there is many material, but it is not so easy to find
  • anual reports help much new chapters to understand, what happend
  • activate translation matrix on meta and every chapter should publish there reports there