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17 Community liaisons, their work and their relation to the chapters

slides (pdf)

Speaker: Erica Litrenta (WMF)

tl;dr: There are currently five community liaisons. They help to communicate and facilitate new software (changes), e.g. Don't hesitate to approach them.


On top of traditional activities of movement affiliates (such as supporting/developing software like Europeana GLAM toolkit, Kiwix, Wikidata etc.) you can support Wikimedia communities when new or updated software by WMF is deployed on their wikis.

You can do so by[edit]

  • facilitating communications from and to WMF Tech
  • assisting with testing, bug filing, documentation writing
  • delivering announcements and updates
  • engaging interface and documentation translators

By doing so you can[edit]

  • Enhance the visibility and reputation in your communities
  • Contribute to the mission in an easily recognizable and quantifiable way
  • Inform and affect the development of products
  • Speed up the development of tools you need for already-existing activities

Current liasons[edit]


  • Not sure if this is in scope but looking at the slide about tool development and product development, to what extent is accessibility taken into consideraton here? It's a live issue for us in WMUK. Please ignore if out of scope! Stevie (WMUK)
  • Question about API from WM Venezuela?
Please notice that WM UK and WM Venezuela have been contacted in the meantime about their enquiries :) --Elitre (WMF) (talk) 10:20, 24 April 2014 (UTC)[reply]