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Wikimedia Conference 2015/Social events/ESEA meetup

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1800-2030, 15 May, 2015


Verlag Der Tagesspiegel, Room B


  • Wikimedia Hong Kong: Venus Lui
  • Wikimedia Indonesia: Hendra Prastiawan & Siska Doviana
  • Wikimedia Philippines: Eugene Alvin Villar & Juan Bautista Alegre
  • Wikimedia Taiwan: Liang-chih Shang Kuan & Reke Wang
  • China Usergroup: Addis Wang
  • Affcom: Josh Lim
  • WMF: Asaf Bartov, Alex Wang, Anna Koval


  • Introduction on all the affiliates in the region of East and SouthEast Asia - How & What are you doing last year?
    This session will ask every affiliate organization to share themselves, and what their organization have done last year. There will be a projector (hopefully, still need to be confirmed), and everyone can show some photos, social media links, or any other resources to present the wonderful things you have done in your place.
  • Brainstorming and Discussion on ESEA collaboration

Meeting minutes[edit]

Liang: We trying to do something together. We haven't have any cooperation yet. We tries to create a propose on PEG, but draft. I think we don;t know each other deeply enought. So today we can share our experience and see what kind of cooperation we can do.

Siska: Indonesia, cooperation happens by needs. Scan machine from Macedonian. Find sources that editors needed. NO open resources online.

From NYC, one of NYC going to Jakarta. We find the connection. We sharing office with local agency.

ED of WMFR funded java protection.

Collaboration started by needs

One on one collaboration

Estonia brought a scanner! (writing competition for the sources because there are no sources, so made a closed wiki) 2014 competition didn’t

WMNY Jeromy introduce Kate Chapman, OSM conference. HOT! road show for OSM 13 universities. the connection is just over there.

WMFR, indegenous languages, Java need help. France & Swiss funds the javanese.

Cambodia - 8 hrs a day x 4 volunteers. (lack of it)

Bangkok - went there twice. Taweetham invisible XD. Thai grows twice

WMID got more money. but it doesn’t solve the volunteer rare issue. e.g. camera case,

Alex Wang - Why collaborate?

Josh - It was like collaboration only for collaboration

Siska - minority language is dying. e.g. Java, Khmer cannot read those; Important content was neglected. Languages are not protected by the government.

Alex - ESEA should collaborate? Maybe one on one and learn from each other? From each one's practice maybe?

Addis - No, because we aren’t like CEE (cheap transportation) or Ibercoop (1 language)

Alex - Why ESEA should collaborate? Maybe one on one and learn from each other?

Liang - That’s why we had care, learn, and share.

Juan - There is still some space for collaboration e.g. Chinese, literature, Manila has the oldest chinatown.

Josh - we have interacted for millennium

Addis - Personally I work more productive on

Juan - Wikimedians in Macau?

Josh - They will lose the chapter

Venus - Actually Macau has 2 different voices.

Juan - Then should we keep staying here?

Liang - How about let's take a group photo and finish this session? (desperately XD)

Siska - Agree on Addis. Cannot force volunteer. e.g. In WMID, we had a volunteer who was a bad editor in telecommunication topic, and instead he changed to the topic of animals. And he becomes better.

Addis - Questioning about why not learn from international instead of the ESEA region.

Josh - (answer tl;dr)

Juan - After the Spanish-American War, the Philippine islands were sold to America, learning the English language was enforced, and to appreciate American entertainment. American musicians, then afterwards the Filipino musicians, impacted the whole region. Maybe we could dig deeper into such a relationship in our region.

Siska - Proposed 2 ideas: professional translations between ID & TW. Eugene from WMPH would be invited to share OSM! :D

Reke - Physical meet up depends on the result on Meta wiki. On Meta we should share our experiences in ESEA.

Josh - Use Noticeboard & Facebook instant reply for this idea.

Addis - Still not solve why we have to work in ESEA?

Venus - organization issues can be shared in ESEA platform.

Addis - Still why we have to work in?

Josh - Chapters in Asia are still have similarities.

Alex - Then how much time you have to build the platform in each chapter?

Siska - Maybe we can solve the time problem by hiring staff. Any chapter want to hire staff for administration affair. e.g.membership. because ESEA has low volunteerism.

Juan - In the Philippines, we are cutting our membership to only active ones. Need to comply with government guidelines.

Josh - Our wish is to become officially approved by the authority.

Venus - We asked for the hiring staff from the foundation, but it was denied. So we are start from scratch now for education & GLAM with volunteers.

Juan - We still need to find out something we can work together.

Liang - How about we translate some teaching materials?

Eugene - ??

Siska - We actually have some teaching materials. 3 publications, 1 is OSM, 1 is wikipedia, the last 1 is to link OSM into Wikipedia automatically.

Juan - I am proposing a structured proposal, let's have core chapters in the ESEA collaboration (Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong) & supporting chapters (China, India).

Siska - What do you want to do for the China User Group?

Addis - I have my own strategy. I think issue is what we gonna do for the collaboration?

Sitka - Need more documentation actually for the activities we already do. Like teaching materials for education workshop. We just keep moving on for another projects. If we make one document, it is easier to scale up.

Josh - Hi, Asaf. Please tell us about the cautionary tale of 2013. After all, the culture exchange project in Asia was started by you.

Asaf - What happened at that time was people had no idea to collaborate, so I propose the project and we use our own time to support this project. If you look on the difference between Asia 2013 and CEE/Ibercoop now is that Asia2013's project was only collaborate personal, but the CEE/Ibercoop include the community. So if you don't know what the community want in your region, you can always survey.

Liang - Thanks for the background information. So about collaboration, any ideas?

Siska - Yes. So I will invite Liang & Eugene. One on one in person meeting is good. not possible to meet monthly.

Josh - We welcome you to come in Manila, too. Really looking forward to meet you there.

Sitka - By the way, WMID have moved to a bigger office. It will be fun to stay with growing organization, you must see yourself!

Addis - Back to Asaf's suggestion. Do we do a local survey as Asaf suggest?

Asaf - The tip to have good surveys is... (tl;dr)

Anna Koval - If you want to do a survey, you should talk to Jaime from Learning & Evaluation... You may be able to use the WMF's Qualtrics account to do the survey...

Siska - We have done some surveys in 2013. Foundation has done a survey. Editor & reader survey. Result: 30% of us knows how to edit. Quality contribution is important (idea - create article) -> clean up categories. Indonesian community only want to have fun on WP, not concerned with quality. So, WMID give laptop bags (10 USD for each) to everyone who clean up the categories in Indonesian WP. Stubs are more reviewed now in WMID.

...individual discussions...

Anna - So it sounds like the meetup is off for now?? :]

Liang - How about let's take a group photo and finish this session? (desperately XD)

ESEA Meetup group photo WMCON Berlin 2015