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48: Give feedback on the Wikimedia Resource Center[edit]


Community and program leaders that create resources and also use other leaders’ resources to learn together.

Session Format
60 min
Room setting
Alternative titles:

Help shape the Wikimedia Resource Center

In this session, we will overview the Wikimedia Resource Center, a new portal created on Meta Wikimedia that is intended to be a single point of entry for Wikimedians to resources that help them advance their work.

We will do a short demo of the WRC, and then proceed to the exercise. To this end, we will share a few techniques in design research, and then distribute roles among participants: user and notetaker. We will ask participants to think of a new activity they want to launch, and to find the resources to do so on the WRC. The notetaker will document the process. After this, participants will switch roles.

To close the session, participants will share what they learned in the different roles. To conclude, we will explain how the feedback collected by our note takers will inform the construction of the Wikimedia Resource Center.

Desired Outcome
  • Participants will leave with a clear idea of what is the Wikimedia Resource Center and how they can contribute to it.
  • Participants will have a basic understanding of UX research.
  • The feedback gathered will help to inform the WRC in phase 2: what resources are missing.
Next Steps and Milestones
Wikimedia Resource Center phase 2 (project page)
Maria Cruz