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Wikimedia Conference 2018/Further reports/Afek Ben Chahed

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Event Name[edit]


Wikimedia Conference 2018

My Input[edit]

I covered the most of the sessions I attended during the conference on Twitter(my account and the account of Wikimedia TN User Group), I met a lot of people and we talked about the possibility of making new partnerships and I brought the great Tunisian Baklawa.


Participant Connections[edit]

  • Christel Steigenberger we talked about the friendly space policy.
  • Fayçal Rezkallah and Reda Kerbouche, they talked about the Arabic Mooc and their experience in Algeria..
  • Nicolas VIGNERON and Abbad we talked about WikiSource and we did a training session about how to upload a book on WikiSource.
  • Miguel García we talked about the possibility of building a partnership with the Wikimedia Tunisia User Group to translate spanish articles to arabic
  • Anass Sedrati we talked about the gender gap in Morocco and how can we reduce it.
  • Liang we talked about saving the languages.
  • Miroslav Tanaskovich, from the Republic of Srpska.
  • Issa Abdul-Rahman, from Venezuela.
  • Sam Oyeyele from Nigeria, was my buddy during the conference, we talked about our activities and our user groups.



The arabic meetup
The Arabic Meetup[edit]

We talked about the creation of a board in which there is a representative from each group, the next WikiArabia Conference which will be held in Iraq and the misunderstandig of the Arabic User Group.

Wikimedia and Libraries Meetup[edit]

We exchanged our experiences with libraries.


Learning Days[edit]

Session Notes
Plenary opening session day1 Women Leadership: Discussion of the challenges observed in the local contexts when it comes to Women leadership.

Good news: the gender gap in leadership is getting smaller.

Conflict Engagement and Group Consensus Building We learnt how to resolve problems for example in the situation of choosing a represent for a user group(Wiki Arctic User Group), the key factors and how to ask for an outside help in a such situation.
Lightning talks(1+2) WikCamp from Arminia.

Art and Feminism(Melissa Milagros): the problems that faced their UserGroup. Wikipedia Education Program(Mohsen Salek)

Program And Event Practices Discussions with people who are experienced with using the tools of the evaluation data collection.
Financial planning for your organization To make a planning we have to: List all he revenue streams, make a conservative assessment of the total revenue scenario and and adjust the target based on the financial position.
Working better together Developing Wikimedia Affiliate Partnerships for Program The challenges of the group work and how to resolve them.

Discussion of some situations and how did we make them work better!

During the conference[edit]

Session Notes
GLAM partnerships Astrid Carlsen: Digitalization of 200 pictures, the collaboration between partners(National archive) was good, the materiel was a challenge.

To learn: (picture) Rachmat Wahidi: talked about the lessons learned from his experience and the challenges like convincing the chair of the museum. To learn: (picture) Daria Cybulska: National libraries

Educational partnerships Anna: our goal is to improve the content on human rights in Wikipedia(pictures)

Justine Toms: 3 partnerships(pictures) Reda Kerbouche: The arabic mooc(pictures)

The arabic meetup Decisionsː Creation of a board in which there is a representative from each group, the next WikiArabia Conference will be held in Iraq in 2019, and we will not creat the Arabic User Group.