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Wikimedia Czech Republic/Presentation & Outreach/advertisement about protected areas

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This request is supporting WikiProject Protected areas
Movie how wild pigs edited Czech Wikipedia

The aim of this proposal is to apply for a participation co-founding in a commercial production of a "viral" advertisement about protected areas (mainly targeted on WikiProject protected areas. The ad is produced by a professional advertising company which has offered us issue/preparation/production and even help with promotion. However, due to unexpected higher cost (900€), they ask the Czech chapter to co-finance the production if possible.

Accordingly, Chmee2 is requesting 450€ (50% of 900€ budget), as our financial participation in the ad production. Chmee2 has already discussed it with Asaf Bartov from the Wikimedia Foundation and Asaf agreed that it is possible to use P&O grant to finance this advertisement. He noted that, in order to fund the campaign, it is crucial that a) the ad will be a property of WMCZ (necessary to be mentioned in the contract); and b) that the ad and all the produced material will be released under the CC-sa-by licence.

We will also try prepare two language versions of the ad, linking to different pages. One will target the reader to the WikiProject Protected Areas, the second will be primarily linking to the English Wikipedia. We expect an increased interest in our WikiProject, more Facebook fans and also more publicity linked with the Wikipedia.

Details about the ad are available upon request, as we are trying to keep the details secret - as a surprise for both wikipedians and wide public.

Requested by --Chmee2 (talk) 20:04, 9 March 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Eye's opinion[edit]

tracker ticket 156

Approved. --che 21:41, 13 March 2012 (UTC)[reply]

Additional costs[edit]


Czech Wikipedia Main page with the add about protected areas
Paní datlová hovoří o Wikipedii
Pan liška hovoří o Wikipedii
Pan kanec hovoří o Wikipedii

Wikimedia Czech Republic helped to cs:Wikipedie:WikiProjekt Chráněná území run a PR activity which tried to attract people to edit Wikipedia. For this reason short Youtube movie was produced and released in the attempt to make a "viral movie" which will be share by users itself. Also PR campaign in printed magazines were prepared and shots for radio were recorded.

  • The Youtube campaign - the plan assumed that short movie will be share as viral movie trough Youtube by users. To chief this goal the idea was showed some animal (pig) editing the Wikipedia on the laptop in the forest. As is visible on the rating of this movie on Youtube, this goal was not really achieved because of low value of watchers. This is a partial failure of this campaign, however honestly we have to notice that we learned that is hard to prepare movie as viral and be sure about the success.
  • The printed campaign - This part is the biggest success of this campaign. Three images were released and published in several local and state magazines targeting about the nature (e.g., Příroda - image on whole cover A4 page of the magasine, Naše příroda - half of A5 page inside the magasine) and also half A4 page in prestige magasine Respekt which has really high readership in the Czech Republic. The magazine Příroda reprinted the add later (April 2013) again and we started cooperation with them allowing us print more often next adds with similar topic.
  • The radio campaign - as a result of this campaign Chmee2 was invited to the Český rozhlas radio (Leonardo) to speak about add and WikiProject. Also several short audio add were played on Rádio Kiss station.
  • Change of main page of cs.wiki - also the main page of Czech Wikipedia was modified (see image on the right) for one week. This bring a large number of visitors to the page with add and also part of them to the main page of WikiProjekt Chráněná území and as far I know, couple people started to edit because of this reason (they wrote this on their userpage). Also this open the topic using main page of Czech Wikipedia for adds to projects running there, now supported by the community to do this more often.

However, it is really hard somehow to measure the impact of this campaign because WMCZ/Czech Wikipedia did not have any capacity to do this. However I'd like to highlight the fact that we were able for short time partly fill piece of medial world with this add and bring attention to our project. --Chmee2 (talk) 19:36, 5 May 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Gallery with some media for printing campaing[edit]

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