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The Data Partnerships model serves as a guide. It provides some background for the team and the methods we use to connect and work with partners across the globe. While we have our own areas of strategic focus, we want to create an environment where any and all contributors to open data have the opportunity to work with us and with each other.

The primary focus of our work continues to be overseeing the installation of new Wikibases and the enrichment of Wikidata via new data contributions. However, we also look forward to expanding our capacity and network, working more closely with data re-users and finding new methods to improve the Linked Open Data ecosystem.

Moving forward, there are many questions we must continue asking ourselves: What does the Linked Open Data Web that we want to see look like? How can we go about building that data ecosystem? What is our role in that ecosystem, both as the data partnerships team and as representatives of WMDE? How do we leverage current and future partnerships to achieve this vision?

If you have any questions, feedback or would like to discuss working with Wikidata or Wikibase, please reach out to