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Presentation of the chapter[edit]

Wikimedia Deutschland, founded in June 2004, was the first Wikimedia chapter. It has more than 550 members, an office with 5 full time employees, and an annual budget of ~900k EUR.

What has been done so far[edit]

  • Infrastructure: 30 Squids (110k EUR), Toolserver cluster (30k EUR)
  • Outreach: Wikipedia Academy (since 2005), Brochures (Wikipedia 1x1, Wikipedia and Wkisource flyers), Zedler Medal, Wikipedia exhibition, Media literacy at schools
  • Community support: Travel grants (writing contest), Workshops (OTRS team), Digitisation of old books (Wikisource), Legal support (expert opinion on legal issues), Stable versions
  • Business development: DirectMedia (Wikipedia DVD), Spiegel Wissen (knowledge portal of major German news magazine), Bertelsmann (one volume print edition of Wikipedia)
  • Press relations: Reactive and proactive on German and international issues
  • Legal affairs: 5 lawsuits against WM-DE (4 failed, 1 pending), one lawsuit against WMF (failed)

Worst headache[edit]

  • Human resources: Professional Support, Volunteer Development
  • Predictability: Strategy, Plan of Action, Involvement
  • Security: Financial Sustainability, Internal Obstacles, Legal Risks