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The "Free Knowledge Team Test" shows in a playful way how you can support Wikimedia as a volunteer based on your interests. First the test was created as an app, later we made the test also accessible on our website. It is based on WordPress and was launched in 2019.

You can find the English version of the test here:

Data Collector

Short summary:[edit]

A test was developed for an offline event (re:publica19), which suggests participants, based on a set of multiple choice questions, how and where they can support free knowledge. The test provides an overview of nine ways to participate and enter the Wikimedia ecosystem, including Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and a commitment to Open Data and Free Knowledge. We have published the source code for this test on Github under a free license and it can be adapted by other Wikimedia chapters and embedded in Wordpress pages.


The newcomer acquisition team of Wikimedia Germany is working on attracting newcomers to the Wikimedia projects. We assume that roles as editors in Wikipedia is not the right occupation for all people and that there can be other tasks next to editing to reach those people and get them to participate. Interested people face the challenge that there is overview of participation possibilities in the project. This is where the test comes in and playfully suggests different projects with different starting points. The test: The user is asked eight questions, each with four possible answers. The questions aim at finding out where the user's interests and priorities lie. Questions cover, among other things, whether a political interest exists or whether skills in the fields of coding or photography are present. Results of the test:


Short overview of the nine different test results:[edit]

For a detailed description take a look at the “cards” on:

  • Stage Manager: Organizer of meetings and person, who connects people and projects
  • Literary Star: the “classic” Wikipedian, who writes and improves article
  • Tech Optimizer: Is adapt in programming and helps Wikipedia with bots or even the Wikimedia projects
  • Documenter: Adds great pictures and photographs to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Cultural Ambassador: has a focus on the GLAM activities; either on- or offline
  • Master of queries: This role requires greater tech knowledge and refers to the Wikidata project, where they are dealing with Sparql, among other things.
  • Data collector: Is interested in Wikidata: adding data, attending hackathons
  • Donor: For people, whose result was not particularly expressive, it is suggested to become a donor.
  • Activist: Draws attention to the political dimension of free knowledge and promotes the possibility of actively promoting it

How to adapt:[edit]

The source code and all images and further files of the test can be found on There is a detailed documentation on how to embed the test in Wordpress. All content is published under a free license, so you can adapt the test if you are interested.

Contact persons:[edit]

Uses of the test by WMDE:[edit]

As an offline app for events like republica, the WMDE general meeting and the Chaos Communication Congress As an online app, for which the source code is on Github, on our homepage. Linking in outreach activities like campaigns, social media and mailings

Other chapters:[edit]