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I'm brand new! I'm planning on spending a decade contributing to wiki and then realized there are a lot more subsets of wiki than I realized! Mostly I'm over here ..., but I'm hoping to clean up my foot print and create a real life sister project where we contribute useful assets to wiki as part of our business model. I hope to create real world way points Stonehenge style starting in 97305. We'll add some ninja from my time in 272 later... I'm very encouraged watching R.A.T.T. near Austin, Tx and I wonder what people would teach if given the opportunity. Our common core curriculum was released online in 2019 so we have no reason not to help take our contemporary education and upscaling it through wikimedia. Isn't that the point? To learn from each other and find some unfettered creativity?

I am a Portland State University student taking a term off to work out these issues and I'm posting here with an sincere interest in contributing for this next decade, so please feel free to give my some guidance!

Growing Genkiness was developed over 20 years at Cindy's Kids, a business in Salem established in 1981. Now that my immune system is growing back, I am using my time online to bring our birth-GED curriculum into the folds of Wikimedia. W.T.F.M. was written in 2015 by Cindy's grandchildren. We are contemporarizng our information and linking it to permanent resources.

I would be very interested in using the Washington Park Zoo Music nights, or other public meeting place, to meet and evangelize our goals in safe meet and greets.

I am also planning to end this decade project with a trip to Hiroshima and a forest near Mt Fuji in 2030 hoping others might join me to reflect on our progress and figure out what's next! is the email I check most frequently.


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