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Public Domain Project

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SFPD - Swiss Foundation Public Domain[edit]

Public Domain Project[edit]


  • On the basis of the research paper published in August 2016 a master thesis was done at the Pdf icon.png Bern University of Applied Sciences. This excerpt from the summary should give an idea of the covered topics:
    • In the course of this master thesis a data model was developed to represent the metadata as Open Linked Data. Also a trustworthy archival storage according to OAIS was evaluated and first migration steps were undertaken.
    • Following the semantic web (Web 3.0) standards the metadata (title, creator, publication date, images etc.) is modeled as triples (subject, predicate, object) using the ontologies Dublin Core,, Music Ontology, Creative Commons and Logistics Core. The new data model is accessible via a web API that delivers RDF/XML or turtle. This fosters the reuse of this metadata on other websites and projects, which thereby increases the overall value of the metadata and the work of the Public Domain Project itself.
    • This model is implemented as a set of new templates and forms using Semantic MediaWiki (SMW). SMW allows the value of a data field to be shown on other wiki pages with a semantic query. A data field may have data validation or can have only a limited set of values. These features simplify data entry and reduce errors significantly.
    • A trustworthy storage system for the digitized audio files must fulfill digital preservation requirements defined by the OAIS model. A new system structure was evaluated and a migration strategy was defined. As a first step the operating system of the file server was replaced by Gentoo GNU/Linux because it stores the source code of every installed software. The source code together with file format specifications etc. is called representation information and which needs to be preserved together with the audio files to guarantee the understandability of the bits on the storage media.




  • Pdf icon.png
    2017 - H1 Report for Wikimedia CH
  • Meeting at SwissJazzOrama. Establishing of the future cooperation:
    • Development of a new shared database
    • Revision of the process structures according to internationally valid archive standards
    • Possible cooperation with other music archives for more opportunities with federal grant requests
    • Reduction of prejudices between public and private archives


  • Relocation of the Public Domain Project into the office of Enter AG in Rüti ZH. Our archive is located in the same area


  • Transport of the twin-deck RCM Keith Monks Gemini MK III from Geneva to Rüti ZH. The MK III 'Gemini' speeds up the cleaning process (dries the last record while at the same time washing the next) and is especially useful for studios, libraries and archives, broadcasters and other high volume users, those who want to shuttle between different cleaning fluids on different decks