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Public Domain Project

SFPD - Swiss Foundation Public Domain[edit]

Public Domain Project[edit]


Nuess0r has held a presentation for the introduction into trustworthy digital preservation. In this presentation the established basics and models of the trustworthy digital preservation are presented as they are used on a daily basis by archives and in records management. This knowledge is also useful for non professionals to be able to use the own data (private or corporate) after several years.


  1. What is a long time archive
  2. Preservation pyramide
  3. History of digital preservation standards
  4. The OAIS model
  5. Important terms and definitions
  6. What does all that mean in practical terms?
  7. Common practices to overcome the technological change
  8. Open*, why wie need open source software/hardware/standards/everything

Presentation slides with a lot of additional comments


During the DINAcon 2018, the conference on digital sustainability, the Public Domain Project received the Swiss Open Knowledge/Open Data Award. This award is presented by CH Open and until 2016 it had the name CH Open Source Awards. CH Open is the association to promote open source and open standards in Switzerland.

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