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This page is to select the representative of the Wikimedia Digitization User Group to Wikimedia Summit 2019 in Berlin, 29 March–2 April 2019 (also known as "Wikimedia Conference" or "Chapters Meeting"). The Wikimedia Digitization User Group is allowed to one representative (given that the condition of eligibility are met).

Schedule :

  • Submit candidates and vote on proposals: December 13 to December 15, 2018
  • Results: December 16, 2018[1]

Everyone is welcome to be a candidate, but we encourage our future representative to be someone who has not represented the Wikimedia Digitization User Group at the Wikimedia Conference in the past, in order to be democratic and address gender and other other biases.




If I am selected to represent the Wikimedia Digitization User Group, this will be the first time I attend a Wikimedia Conference which will give me a very important opportunity to deepen my relationship with other wikipedians who digitize and work with GLAM institutions outside the country where I live, Uruguay. I have been an active member of the board of Wikimedia Uruguay in recent years, working on digitization projects and making available very valuable resources such as ACSUN's magazines and National Historical Museum's artwork mostly on Wikidata. I have also worked externally with groups such as Cotidiano Mujer, a historical feminist collective. In addition to wanting to bring our agenda to the conference, it seems important to me to participate in this community summit valuing the work that each of us does in their respective chapters in their countries. I would also like to participate in this event as a woman from a country in the global south. Thank you!


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  1. Registration for the Summit closes on Monday at midnight CET, December 17, 2018.