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Wikimedia Fellowships/Proposals/Open Education: the offline way...

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This is a proposal in which the Foundation should consider designing and distributing offline educational products (such as offline Wikipedia and offline Khan Academy videos) that are accessible to people who are disconnected from the internet.

Product, goals, and metrics[edit]

  • We will consider this project a success when we have distributed offline (and free) educational products to at least one of the continents in the Global South within two years of start date.
  • We will have delivered an average of 2 hours of tutorials per school/institution, for the teachers and students.
  • We expect to receive positive feedback from the teachers and they might want to explore using Wikipedia in the classroom.
  • Public schools in Africa have an average of 500 students, so we expect it to have a high impact in terms of Wikipedia usership.
  • We will also consider the project a success if the teachers yearn for more expansive Wikipedia content, and hence use the online Wikipedia/Khan Academy as well.
  • We will be in constant communication with the teachers, so we will call them at a later date to audit how useful (or useless) they found the content.


This is a Community Fellowship, since although we will be in the Field, we will need to be in constant contact with the Foundation to assist us in designing an offline Wikipedia that suits a particular country. So what we will do, is we will go to, say Uganda and research their curriculum and hand select articles from Wikipedia that are relevant to the Ugandan syllabus. We will then require the Foundation's expertise to design an offline Wikipedia for Ugandan students.

The location of this fellowship will be variable: switching between the Head Office and the field.

Fellow(s) responsible for this proposal[edit]

  • Abbas Mahmood, from Wikimedia Kenya
  • David Mugo, from Wikimedia Kenya


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