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Wikimedia Finno-Ugric Collaboration

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Finno-Ugric flag designed by Polish Finno-Ugric linguist Szymon Pawlas

Wikimedia Finno-Ugric Collaboration is a partnership among communities working on Wikimedia projects in Finno-Ugric languages.

The main goals of the collaborative are:

  1. to support each other through sharing and learning;
  2. to support growth of all Wikimedia projects in these languages;
  3. to increase and improve information available about Finno-Ugric cultures and peoples in Wikimedia projects in other languages.


Finno-Ugric meeting in 2015 in Estonia

Wikimedia Finno-Ugric Collaboration was initiated on organizational level in year 2011 by Wikimedia Eesti together with local Finno-Ugric organizations (e.g. NPO Fenno-Ugria) with an aim to provide better support for Finno-Ugric Wikimedia projects and their communities. Soon discussions continued with the participation of Wikimédia Magyarország [1] and idea to organize Seminar for Finno-Ugric Wikipedias was born. The first seminar took place from 22nd−24th of August 2014 in Estonia.


Map of Finno-Ugric languages
Map of Finno-Ugric languages

There are 13 Wikipedia projects:

Language Articles Active users
Finnish (fi) 575,451 1,461
Hungarian (hu) 543,095 1,527
Estonian (et) 245,826 498
Western Mari (mrj) 10,432 6
Eastern Mari (mhr) 11,396 15
Northern Sami (se) 7,893 14
Võro (fiu-vro) 6,650 24
Veps (vep) 6,979 22
Komi (kv) 5,532 15
Udmurt (udm) 5,690 13
Komi-Permyak (koi) 3,463 6
Erzya (myv) 7,877 14
Moksha (mdf) 5,639 14

There are 8 Wikipedias in incubator: Ingrian (izh), Khanty (kca), Karelian (krl), Livonian (liv), Mansi (mns), Kildin Saam (sjd), Ter Saam (sjt), Votic (vot)


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